How To: Push-Up

How To: Push-Up

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25 thoughts on “How To: Push-Up”

  1. what difference in results would one get from doing slow controlled push
    ups vs fast explosive push ups?

  2. i like scott herman, hes helping alot of people by giving them tips and
    tricks, so fairplay to him…..and why are people slagging him off on
    youtube lol?…get a life people ffs

  3. @eoink72 Whats going on Nation, Today.. im going to show you how to put
    WEIGHTS on a bar..

  4. To people who underestimate this ‘push up’ video. It may look like a simple
    easy workout but many people do it wrongly. The most mistake people made
    aren’t with their lower back position (level) but as they go down and push
    up, people often bring their shoulder blades together. The distance of the
    shoulder blade as it goes down is suppose to remain apart like how Scott
    showed it!

  5. AmsterdamHeavy

    should have thrown in inclines for beginners and declines for more advanced
    people as well

  6. i think the vids needs better audio mixing. The intro and exit was too loud
    compared to the actual video

  7. I clicked on the video thinking you were going to show us some tricks to
    improve our push-ups. Oh well.

  8. @Rodrighus No, plus he didn’t get like that over night. The average person
    will only put in 5-10 pounds of muscle each year. So you will be looking at
    a good few years at a gym to get that big.

  9. @eoink72 Its not that he is running out of ideas he simply hasnt covered a
    push up yet…

  10. geez i sure am glad scott made this! i would have never figured it out on
    my own. creative and new workout! 🙂

  11. @moronga1 this is just one way to do a pushup, but it’s like a bench press,
    you should keep your elbows tucked in to keep stress away from your

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