How to Make Mike’s Muscle Building Protein Shake

1 Trick That Packs on Ripped Muscle: Yo What up Guys, It’s Mike and welcome to “Sixpack Shortcuts Food Cooking…Network!” …

25 thoughts on “How to Make Mike’s Muscle Building Protein Shake”

  1. The JIF peanut butter should really be replaced by an all natural peanut
    butter. It costs just a little more, but it’s much better for you. The
    stuff Mike used in this video is full of hydrogenated oils and
    preservatives, while the all natural stuff has only two ingredients:
    peanuts and salt. No preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, and still gives
    you all the protein and calories. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but
    if this is a shake that you’re going to be making EVERY day, then you
    should be healthy about it. Just a heads up.

  2. OK first of all. That protein crap is horrible for the body. It will give
    you kidney problems. Second honey has a lot of sugar. Same as peanut butter
    and coffee and sugar is a type of fat , unhealthy thing that can cost
    cancer , heart problems, heart attacks,brain damage, and many other things.
    And all those things have a lot of grease and make you fat. It doesn’t
    matter how much you burn or workout. And coffee and sugar are both known to
    be addictions. It doesn’t matter how much protein powder you drink or use.
    ONE I USUALLY recommend is to blend together kale,parsley,granny smith
    apple which is neither sweet or bitter. And if you want to add something
    else like celery or carrots or beets or a fruit that’s fine. And you drink
    it 3 times a day with healthy meals or by it self. And you will lose weight
    and make your body stronger. 

  3. Why you ppl are just Hateful towards Mike? He just doing what need to be
    done to promote his product or business and u are obligated to buy
    anything. Just like any ads or channel u see they do the same thing and u
    fuker still buy it. Why HATE!
    And it goes to all ppl that watch any fitness channels, use you’re common
    sense, if you dont agree on how ppl make their recipe just leave certain
    things out, you dont have to copy exactly what they make. Workout Vids n
    recipe vid are just general info for u to get an idea how to do you’re own
    the way you like. If u think a recipe vids you’re watching has too much
    sugar, carb, fat or protein than just use less of the item, its no brainer
    and no need to hate on their vids.
    If you ppl hate or dont like Mike Chang channel for whatever reason

  4. Hey Mike, would you do me a favor plz,
    let me tell you first I really enjoy watching your videos, to be honest I
    have learned a lot from you and I gained a lot of muscles foucsing on what
    is important of your videos, the 30 seconds rest time brought mass to my
    body like never befor,, I have been working out for 5 years now but never
    got this huge and lean in a matter of several weeks. I guess it all depends
    on determination which I seemed to have after watching ur motivational
    vids. even though I was working out everyday but I used to miss out on some
    important factors which I thank you to share it here. BUT – plz answer that
    – I have been watching your videos for your 3 or 4 years videos production
    in such little time but they don’t seem related .. cuz one time you say
    protein isn’t even important I dont even use it, I eat and the next thing
    you know you are trying to sell this product to ppl?!!
    Thanks bro for your videos keep them up.

  5. Mike isn’t that just tons of sugar with the Jif peanut butter (we make our
    own just out of nuts now) and then the honey on top of that?

  6. Mike might have lost his shortcut for his own six pack i guess. How u gonna
    advertise with shortcut but dont have a sic pack yourself.

  7. Hey Mike I got a question about Protein powder. I’m a female basketball
    player, and i want to get stronger and get in even better shape that I’m in
    now. So i’ve been doing weight training at the gym for some months now, but
    i don’t know if I should take protein powder or not. I’ve heard stuff like
    if a girl takes protein powder they’ll get fat , and i have also heard that
    if a girl takes protein powder they’ll get ripped. I am just really
    confused and i know your channel is more geared to guys, but if you ( or
    anyone else who is reading this comment) have any information on this kind
    of stuff … then please reply thanks…

  8. Immadoya Real Good

    Bro, get up off the jif garbage. They use fully hydrogenated oils. In other
    words : TRANS FATS! they use this to keep the oil from separating. No good
    when other companies like Skippy use just a wee itty bit of sugar to keep
    the bond (less than in jif also) in their natural peanut butter which
    literally only contains peanuts, sugar, palm oil, and salt. Just LOOK at
    the ingredients on a jar of jif and tell me half of that crap is supposed
    to be in peanut butter.

  9. 4 scoops is way to much. Your body can only handle so much. If you do that
    much you’ll develop bladder problems fast. Plus, you’ll exhaust your
    protein supply too quickly. waste of money

  10. It won’t make u fat if you are serious about working out;the human body
    needs a certain amount of fat, sugar & protein intake to function properly
    also protein won’t damage your kidney it’s the Liver that protein is a
    natural antagonist of thus is the complexities of the human body.

  11. Holyyyy SHITT that probably has more then 1500 calories. This is only good
    if you are trying to bulk up

  12. This video pretty much defies everything mike tells us not to do.. and 4
    scoops? Doesnt even give a gram count geez.. some proteins one scoop can be
    10g another 25g etc

  13. Isn’t this bad for you? There is no way this can be good. Sugars and Fats
    and too much Caffiene, not to mention the honey probably isn’t organic and
    has fake sugars AND High Fructose Corn Syrup. 

  14. doesn’t caffeine restrict the blood vessels, therefore making it something
    you should NOT consume before a workout?

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