How To: Low Cable Chest Fly

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This routine offers exactly what the title suggests, a HARDCORE tricep workout to help you pack on some serious muscle! By focusing on a slower tempo during …
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50 thoughts on “How To: Low Cable Chest Fly”

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  4. lol, a clean diet on a deficit, along with weight lifting is the key just
    doing abs excersis will never get those abs to show its clear you now

  5. cant target inner chest as it is not it’s own muscle, just find a position
    where YOU feel a contraction

  6. Namrata Shrestha

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  8. i am doing this exercise bringing my arms close to my body fisrt and then
    moving the upwards and forward.I m filling the stretch pretty well . is
    this form wrong ?

  9. breakingguitars

    Tree-hugging! I’m from a school where we’re really obsessed with
    environment and going green and all that jazz.x)

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  11. slipperypetescan

    god damn if you don’t know hot to do this don’t show people how to.. This
    is terriable form and good luck with your damaged shoulders and neck from
    doing it like this. Put on a shirt and stop trying to act like you know
    what is up

  12. check out “scooby1961″‘s channel, he talked about this in one of his recent
    vids…and no, im not saying he’s better than scott

  13. there’s no inner/outer. upper is merely a ref to the clavicular head and
    the lower chest being the sternal head.

  14. @Lupercio93 Go on a diet no excersise in the world will make your abs show:
    diet and more diet

  15. Scott I love your style of delivery and demonstration and exercises BUT
    does shouting really help? haha You make me crack up and spit out my
    protein on the monitor when i watch your vids

  16. a reason you may not want to is because you possibly could be too tired
    from the first bench set to maximize the amount of weight you lift the
    second time around, thus not maximizing your potential growth. However, if
    your form is still solid when you do close-grip you should be fine. I
    recommend doing chest first.

  17. Hey Scott, I do my triceps on the same day as chest. Would there be any
    reason that I shouldn’t do close grip bench press for my triceps when I
    have already done regular bench when working my chest?

  18. i will have to try this i am sure its a great work out its not about the
    weight its about the slow speed that gets u its actully better to do it
    this way then more weight and faster speed

  19. Ricky Chiz Bizkit

    Look at any of the other youtube bodybuilders, they wouldn’t be caught dead
    using 95 lbs for bench working weight.

  20. Sanket Kargutkar

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    minute in the gym, then you have to look closely this video tutorial
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  21. i noticed the first time you failed doing over head extensions and dips,
    you lowered weight; but the second time you paused to rest rather than
    lowering weight to finish the set? any particular reason. is one more
    effective than the other? or is the objective to exhaust the muscle
    regardless of the method. RESPOND I HAVE OCD ABOUT THIS SHIT!!!!

  22. matteo alexander

    Scott, gotta hand it to you man – you train like you WANT IT! Holy shit,
    keep up the good work, the screaming is ridiculously motivational to listen
    to 🙂

  23. PLEASE did you even WATCH the video? IT’S NOOOOOOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT! Do you
    have any idea what bodybuilding is? It’s the slow tempo that is hard. You
    try lift 185 lbs with that tempo and with that little rest between sets!
    Please upload a video if you do. So I can laugh at you fail. 🙂

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