How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle Learning how to lose weight and build muscle is an immense and daunting task for most people who want to look like the models and actor…

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29 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle”

  1. Isn’t muscle tone just a product of low body fat? How can there be any
    correlation between a more cut physical appearance and the electrical
    signals your brain sends to your muscles for movement?

  2. Gianfranco Schwengle

    In flushes the muscle with blood. In martial arts they actually do that
    before there actual warm up.

  3. Have you seen Stupid Simple Slimming? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick and easy way to shed pounds fast……

  4. Michael Groesbeck

    Martial Artists do it all the time. They can break brick & iron….because
    they learn the range of resolve their muscles & bones can have….in order
    to acomplish their task. It has reality, this flexing business…but only
    if applied with range of motion with the intention of controlling another
    object. Flexing also fills the muscle with blood….which is similar to
    stretching…but you’re stretching the muscle with itself…not forcing a
    stretch with another muscle group.

  5. I alwyas thought of viscosity as the friction (or Lack thereof) beteuern
    the muscle fibers. I cant imagine there is friction between the nervous
    system and the muscles.

  6. Good theory but I feel like this is not true at all, I’ve heard that
    flexing increases the mind-body connection between your brain and your
    muscle, allowing you better focus a given muscle group.

  7. MegaRunningback1

    I luv flexing,it drives the women wild and dudes know that u can crush
    their heads in if they was to try to start some shit!

  8. Bottlecap Videos

    This guy really knows what he’s talking about. I think this is the first
    fitness video I’ve come across on Youtube where the person talking has a
    very thorough understanding of what they are talking about and how it
    actually works. Liked, subbed.

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