How to Lose The Belly Pooch: The Lower Abs workout (lower abs, abs exercises, lose the pooch)


25 thoughts on “How to Lose The Belly Pooch: The Lower Abs workout (lower abs, abs exercises, lose the pooch)”

  1. Oh, Jessica. I added this to an intense leg workout today. Oh my, this is
    not as easy as it looks. Especially, the sliding parts. As always, great
    stuff. Feeling great and ready to prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Have a
    great Thanksgiving.

  2. I ve been doing the exercise every day for one hour and a half, the result
    is, I ve GOT VERY fat!! No,NO I mean the exercise the bulldog is

  3. I’m just starting to exercise again so I was wondering how many times a
    week should I do this exercise?

  4. Is there any excercise where you work you lower abs AND butt at the same
    time? I am trying to save time at the gym. Thanx!

  5. Excellent. In the past when I did Ab workouts I felt sore later in my upper
    abs. I’m like, “What about down here? That’s where my puoch is!” This
    should help.

  6. This one was killer! My legs start to get sore before my abs though, like
    during the move where we’re propped up on out elbows, lowering our legs.
    Any tips, Jessica?

  7. Wow…feeling this one! Needed it though for my extra calories that I took
    in on yesterday for Christmas 😉 Thanks Jessica

  8. Just wanted to mention, for your “chair” sequence, it hurt my neck so I
    just laid down and did the same movement. Still worked well! Maybe that may
    help others w/neck issues.

  9. After just having my 3rd child abs get harder and harder to maintain. This
    was great! Not too overbearing like most abs routines you see. Thx for the
    video and please post more!

  10. Great workout! Peanut has his own yoga mat today. Looks like hes enjoying
    his treat too. Love the growly at the end.

  11. Hi Greta! I’m so glad you have been enjoying – and seeing results – from
    our workouts! I love that you studied dance so seriously – I took ballet
    for many years too (though I never was able to fit the mold of a ballerina
    body!) and still love moving to music. Thanks for working out with us –
    Peanut and I look forward to sweating with you again soon 🙂

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