HOW TO LOSE FAT & BUILD MUSCLE with Mark Coles – Podcast 98 – Mark Coles of M10 Fitness is back on the show, this time we delve into how Mark sets up a diet for fat loss, what the key variab…
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7 thoughts on “HOW TO LOSE FAT & BUILD MUSCLE with Mark Coles – Podcast 98”

  1. OneSpiritOneWorld

    BenCoomberTV… What a joy to discover you and your youtube posts! And I
    love your wide open, inclusive understanding of the human body and it’s
    systems. I would like to get a better understanding of your work with body
    type nutrition and such. Where is there any indepth example of this? And
    really like this guy Mark. Seems like a great guy who really cares about
    all this stuff…

  2. Sindri Björnsson

    I really like this podcast.

    I really like your guys mindset on this topic on being a scientist on your
    own body and try new things and experimenting forward.

    I feel that people(including me) fixate on just one kind of diet and that
    is the holy diet and not being open to new stuff.

    My goal now is to cut down fat while rebuilding muscles.
    I’m about 95 kg and 25% bf.

    Nr 1.2 and 3 is that I’m going to lift 4x-6x with 4 sets of 10 reps and
    some hit after lifting.
    Fast until 12:30 PM and eat two big meals before workout and one after.

    I’m going to experiment with low carb, high fat and high protein and carb
    load on Saturdays.
    I’m going to try that out September and then try something new in October.

    The main thing is consistency and I’ve got some friends to help me out with

  3. I don’t agree about having carbs around the workout. I’ve been on a high
    fat, moderate protein and only carbs from veg diet for the past 5 months.
    I’ve gotten leaner and still hitting PRs in the gym. 

  4. How do you get enough fiber on zero carbs? I get a lot from fruit and high
    fibre carb sources such as rice cereal etc. Do you just have to eat copious
    amount of veg on those days?

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