HOW TO LOOK HOT & FIT and build muscle that is healthy & strong!

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25 thoughts on “HOW TO LOOK HOT & FIT and build muscle that is healthy & strong!”

  1. I would like to watch Dans videos in order from the very 1st video he ever
    did to his very latest and continue on from there. How do I do that?

  2. @danthegeoman You are so right! One has to be at a certain stage of
    enlightenment to make the connection that everything is connected. With
    time, and a few knocks in the head, people start to understand.

  3. anyone tried a raw diet which includes animal products such as eggs, meat,
    butter, etc…? interesting vid btw…

  4. but i have big problem to trust anyone who comes and claim they cant get
    depressed anymore… depression has many forms and shapes… one of them is
    to try obsessively to be perfect and do things perfectly…

  5. @sxychks69 And nuts. Sprouts are in between nuts and veggies you could say.
    Most raw vegans have a more diverse diet than anyone with a standard
    American diet, you just need to be creative 😉

  6. @Ronnock metabolic typing doesn’t make much sense for a simple reason: our
    metabolism changes according to our eating and exercise habits. In other
    words the metabolism is not something unchangeable you are born with, but
    something fluid and always changing according to lifestyle influences.

  7. This guys just skinny.. everyone who is skinny has muscle definition of
    some sort. This guys just skin and bone. Take some protein dude.

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