How To: High Cable Chest Fly

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25 thoughts on “How To: High Cable Chest Fly”

  1. This is probably my favorite chest exercise. Thanks for the video! I
    realize, now, that I have not been performing the exercise correctly,
    because I generally lean forward. I’ll be sure to work on your pointers on
    my next chest day.

  2. Breathe out when you do an effort
    Breath in when doing the opposite (y)

    Thanks for reminding us each time Scott!

  3. If you put one foot forward make sure you alternate feet… Otherwise you
    are working one side of your chest more than the other.

  4. I had a lot of back pain for about 4 days after doing some cable rows and
    cable chest exercises, I guess I did them completely wrong.

  5. learning to be a trainer everytime i gone through this everyone has said
    keep your back straight from experience if you arch your back its just like
    a bench press you get more strength from it but its not propper form
    everything else he shows is perfect just keep that back straight.. ps. not
    tryin to shit talk scott i really like his work

  6. bad thing about these exercises —-> They have to be done at a gym if you
    don’t have the proper equipment

  7. Schneizel Veonheart

    I wanna do this but I don’t have the equipment. I can’t go to gym because
    it’s very far. I only have 60 kgs total of plates and some dumbbell and a
    barbell. Is there any alternative for this one? 🙁 Oh and I’m still new.

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