How to get V Abs

Get my free report to getting shredded – The V Abs Workout: 1. Dip Bar Leg Raises with Leg Spread: 3 x 6-15 reps 2. Renegade Rows: …

25 thoughts on “How to get V Abs”

  1. Trust me guys you dont haft to do this i didn’t i just kept healthy and
    went out and done 50 situps a day and after like 6 weeks i had a V lines
    and trust me hes right about one thing girls go crazy over them

  2. I love this video and that first workout was awesome. He was straight and
    to the point. Not a lot of yapping. This is how a video was supposed to be

  3. He is a very good speaker. Our bodies were given to us to take care of. The
    MALE ABDOMEN, is the most beautiful part of the male anatomy. I appreciate
    this young man taking care of his body so well. Gluttony is a horrible
    loathsome piggish self-centered baneful bondage that destroys those given
    over to such immoderate indulgence. A disciplined life of moderation with
    food and drink is very rewarding. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR

  4. Do you make these obvious mistakes in your workouts? Go and google Muscle
    Maker Method to find out.

  5. Haroon Mohammed

    tried this and sit ups for a month it worked but only because I was doing
    about 200 sit ups throughout the day, I have a six pack now but its only
    because of 4 months of doing this 

  6. marielyn jotz

    Go and google Skinnimaker System and you’ll realize why some foods
    ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  7. Dewan Md Asif Iqbal

    nice video
    if anyone else is Searching the best hints for building your abs
    try banfan incredible abs formula (Have a quick look on google cant
    remember the place now)?
    Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got amazing results
    with it.

  8. I got a problem.. Love handles run in my family and we all have them and
    it’s hard to get rid of. Would I still be able to get these?

  9. Everybody’s body is different, but i’d think so. It could take months of
    eating really well and by the time you’ve done that, eating well will be so
    natural to you that it won’t take effort.Obviously you’ve still got to
    target those areas with exercises like these to shape them, but awesome
    diet is key. I too had love handles, I’ve got stretch marks around there,
    stubborn body fat that hasn’t budged to add to it. And still I’ve got a V
    that you can hook a finger under easily.

  10. What do you mean by muscular imbalance? He looks pretty muscular to me.
    What is your logic sir.

  11. I’m always swinging on the leg raises. So fucking annoying, working on
    preventing the swing.. any tips?

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