How to Get Abs Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Model

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This is a intense ab workout being demonstrated by my zumba team, thank you ladies. SQUEEZE YOUR BELLY when you do this workout to maximise the effect. Have …
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25 thoughts on “How to Get Abs Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Model”

  1. Someone tell me. Do this actually work. And when will I see results if I do
    it twice a day. Don’t be one of those fucking annoying ads. Be a real
    person bitches

  2. I was scrolling through workouts to do today and found your videos .
    Instantly I subscribed I did the ab workouts today and planning on doing
    more of your workouts daily thank you:)

  3. *Are you surprised to hear that doing a whole lot of ab exercises is not
    going to help you get a six pack? Surprised or not, I hope you’ll agree
    that’s good news! There’s nothing more mind-numbing than doing the same
    exercise over and over and over…*

  4. Martina Byrtusová

    How many series have I to do to see results? Can I do this workout just
    those 8 minutes or is it better to do more?

  5. Amelie Pelletier

    Is there a big difference between this one (8:44 minutes) and the other
    ”best Victoria Secret abs” video from XHIT (16:42 minutes) ? I have been
    doing the 16 minute one lately and decided to try this one but it is so
    much shorter. What do you recommend?

  6. is this workout only aimed at girls cus i did this barely feel like i have
    burnt out ….

    I tgink guys workout is more expreme cus guys have higher metobolism rate

  7. I had a dream the other night that I went to portillos and got 15 large
    cake shakes and they made you skinny

  8. I am so bad at keeping my balance during side planks. I cant balance on my
    feet like that. Any suggestions?

  9. from the first exercise she was wrong you need lift ur legs up as well , so
    your hand and legs touch each other in mid air and then back down

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