How to Get a Flat & Sexy Tummy. Best 90Secs Lower Abs Workout! No More Excuses!

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23 thoughts on “How to Get a Flat & Sexy Tummy. Best 90Secs Lower Abs Workout! No More Excuses!”

  1. How many pounds in a week will I lose if I do this everyday and drink more
    water instead of eating sugary/fatty foods?

  2. iCOOKIEmischief

    I keep experiencing lower back pain during the last two exercises. I’m not
    sure if I’m doing something wrong or now, but I really want to do this
    workout ; – ;

  3. This is my. New favorite lower ab exercise. In just that short time frame I
    can feel the burn. Going to push for 2 sets next time!

  4. After doing this my stomach muscle is in pain is this natural I realy want
    to have a small stomach.

  5. While doing these exercises, my back hurts. Does this happen to everyone,
    or I’m doing it in wrong fashion?

  6. I wanna know how long it will take to see results? I’ll do this 3 times a
    day 5 days a week! Also I’m doing 3 other of you’re cardio and weight loss
    excersises! Looking to lose 15 lbs in 2-3 months 

  7. chaiyah wilson

    love love love love this exercise!!!! its easy simple and have a major
    affect. LOVE IT!!!!! 

  8. Hey Joanna I’ve been doing this workout for almost six weeks and the
    results in getting is awesome I can see my muffin top going at last thank
    you keep it up;) 

  9. Annika Thustrup

    How do I do it without arching my back? Cause it really hurts and prevents
    me from doing the last to workouts.. 

  10. Hi. I have a question. How many of these should I do each week? & if I do
    this workout, & your 5 minute flat tummy workout, & your inner thigh
    workout, when will I start seeing results?

  11. Mellisa R. Goodman

    The good news is it is possible to shrink waistline although you think you
    could not follow the strict body building program.

  12. This is great! I’m going to work up to 90 sec. I think I caved at 75. But
    my muffin top is definately burning. Thx Jsoh

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