How To Get A Body That Attracts Women (Adonis Golden Ratio)

How to build a body that women loves: Hey man, Today I have my good friend John Barban to show us how to build the perfect m…

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  1. Darcie Whitehorn

    *This unique program designed to help people gain weight and build muscle,
    is currently being used in over 90 countries.>>*

  2. *This unique program designed to help people gain weight and build muscle,
    is currently being used in over 90 countries.>>*

  3. This unique program designed to help people gain weight and build muscle,
    is currently being used in over 90 countries.>>>

  4. women who like men with perfect bodies are the most annoying women on
    earth. Take it from me, Im a mothafuckin hustler ass pimp. Hot chicks are
    just to fuck, not to marry. 

  5. You don’t have to get the fitness program. Just do this:

    Do lots of upper-body exercises to build muscle mass.

    Do high-intensity interval training to get lean.

    There are no secrets, just results.

  6. DesertStateInEu

    Is it possible to come across a video in which people dont yap for 15 – 30
    minutes and just tell you wtf to do? Before this I just watched a video
    where the guy talked for half an hour, only to tell you at the end that you
    should buy his book in which he tells you the secrets to building muscle.
    Good god. Just tell me what to eat, and what excercises to do, and I’ll do
    them. Its that simple. Its possible to put it into a 60 second video.

  7. Lol mike chang gets hated on so much when he is really just a pretty funny
    and real dude, just trying to profit off of his good looks, which is
    basically glorified all over America when it comes to hot women, but so
    many dudes just can’t stand that he looks better than them.

  8. Never mind the adonis ratio. I have a hourglass figure that most people
    (male & female) find sexy…….

    Who are these fools posting these bloody links?????

  9. Hey guys I’m 15 and I’m trying to loose a little body fat. I’m trying to
    get good results in a little over a month for the beach but I’m not like
    that fat. If I have a shirt on you wouldn’t even notice anything, you might
    even think I look better than most people, but without a shirt I do have a
    little body fat that needs to be lost. I’m just now starting but I’m
    thinking of doing swimming, like going as fast as I can (pretty much doing
    sprints but swimming) and then just doing some at home intensity workouts.
    I just wanna get rid of that body fat and gain a little muscle on the way,
    should I be ok with doing this or should I try something else/more? Thanks

  10. Wait a second… Is this a fitness channel, the Bold and the Beautiful or a
    dating site for those shallow folks out there? Pls Mike, this video is not
    about fitness, this is about being an ass who stares only at the mirror

  11. How many bodybuilders have a “golden ratio” body and an undersized penis?
    It is a know fact that many men who feel deficient in the lower regions
    pump up their bodies as compensation for the lack of size down there. So,
    once the “hot” chick who is attracted to the “golden ratio” body finds out
    he’s only packing 5 inches, she runs the other way.

    Now, on the other hand, it is a FACT that some skinny dudes with a big one
    can exude sex appeal and attract the opposite sex—-without having a
    golden ratio body. And, as the word spreads around the social circles, that
    skinny guy with the big wong becomes VERY popular among the ladies.

    So, what big steroid Mike says is not totally true. Most bodybuilders do
    not have much sex with women at all. Most prefer men.

  12. All of you who think women will love you for your body will end up married
    to bitches which will want divorce as soon as you stop earning lots of
    money and reach that age where you will get out of shape :)

  13. TheAlexmercer360

    4:55,yeah,guys are attracted to women with curves,because thats how
    evolution molded our physiology and psychology,its programmed in every
    male’s brain to feel sexually aroused when they see a woman with better
    sexual health,the wider waist of women represent the fertile abilities of
    women,its something some people in england used to call “birthy hips”,and
    stuff,big tits,nice ass,wide waist,all these things represent the fact that
    the woman is in awesome sexual heath,evolution has programmed our body to
    respond everytime we see a possibility of babymaking,the sexier the girl
    the better the possibility,its an instinct of humans to make babies and
    ensuring the survival of our race,SO THATS WHY.

  14. this is fucking bullshit. Don’t get me wrong that is the best body type to
    have. But, I don’t think these guys realize everyone has their natural
    build, no matter how hard some guys workout they won’t have this look.
    Maybe I’m wrong idk. Being a guy who does have this look, yes it definitely
    helps. But having sex with women is all about showing them how confident
    you are in your own skin. Women are attracted to the inner confidence and
    not “cockiness” like these two guys. They make good points but i feel this
    is the plan to get girls for guys who have terrible game, no personalities,
    low confidence/self-esteem and just rely completely on their looks to get
    girls. Go check out Vitaly’s videos on how to pick up girls. Or any
    prankster on youtube trying to get girls. He’s a completely average looking
    guy, maybe a little above average looking, does not have this adonis golden
    ratio, and he can get whatever girl he wants because of his confidence.
    Beauty is from the inside, and not what these shallow fucking meatheads are
    trying to spit at you.

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