How to Get 6 Pack Abs (Workout Routine for Men) Watch the YouTube workout routine on this page to lose stomach fat and and get 6 pack abs fast. Then visit the link above and claim your FREE muscle building reports from Curtis Ludlow’s Boot Camp FX Television. In this video you’ll are some killer fat burning exercises for men. Lose Stomach Fat Fat Burning Workout for Men | Workout XVIII Workout Protocol Exercise #1 – Kettlebell Split Clean Exercise #2 – Oblique Thruster Exercise #3 – Downward Dog Push Up Exercise #4 – King Kong Kettlebell Exercise #5 – Pull Up Matrix Exercise #6 – Breakin’ Push Up No Rest Between Exercises 2-4 Repetitions Each Exercise As Many Circuits As Possible in 30 Minutes If you like give a thumbs up, favorite and subscribe. Thank you for watching.

10 thoughts on “How to Get 6 Pack Abs (Workout Routine for Men)”

  1. brokennarcissist

    Do you have any workouts that don’t come at the cost of sacrificing my hetereo-normativity if I perform in public?

  2. HardTimesHardBodies

    Here is one that will impress everyone with your masculinity: 8q1L5bgrtAg and here’s one for little people: CXuIqId0W1Q and here’s one if you’re in the pen and only have a pull up bar: bLc3_r0JVXs Good luck hetereo-norman.

  3. HardTimesHardBodies

    Sorry to hear that you feel that way. Have you watched any of the newer workouts on the channel? Good stuff there. Have a nice day. -Curtis

  4. If you can do all that.. Then you already have 6 pack…. So not to get 6 pack but to show core strength yes that workout is good…

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