How To Gain Muscle While Staying Ripped – With Ben Pakulski

How to get ripped and build muscle at the same time: Hey y’all, It’s Mike and today I want to get with you about eating the …

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50 thoughts on “How To Gain Muscle While Staying Ripped – With Ben Pakulski”

  1. deathshot1985

    Everybody chill the hell out and stop dropping the steroid bomb left and
    right. You’re all so butthurt. He didn’t say to fucking avoid carbs
    altogether, he’s implying that carbs can’t dominate your strategy if you
    want to gain while keeping your fat pad low. Its a slower process and a
    long hard road, but it can be done. This is how. Its actually nothing new
    so I don’t understand the outrage in this comments section. 

  2. Duncan Barker

    this Ben Paulaski is a bit full of shit.
    1. he says carbs don’t build muscle (1:56), which is true, but is
    misleading because carbs have HUGE impact on the size of your mucles. If u
    eat plenty of carbs ur muscles with be full of glycogen (fuel) and look
    full and big. He also say carbs dont HELP you build muscle (1:51)
    WRONG…carbs are sugar, which triggers a insulin responce which GREATLTY
    helps ur body to transport the proteins and aminos to ur muscles!!!!!!!!!!
    2. He says “soy protein is terrible for you” (3.29). lol. bollocks

  3. Basically do your own research, because its your own damn body. It worked
    for Mike because he did it his way…whether it was steroids or shakes or
    whatever. Youre responssible for your body. 

  4. Corey Sandefur

    3-6 grams of protein per meal? Idk how that would even be possible to gain
    weight without supplements. A damn steak and cheese at Subway has over 50g
    of protein. Would you narrow it down to a singular slice of meat cut in
    half per meal with no other protein containing foods? 

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  7. pooperscoop54321

    maybe this works for a proffesional bodybuilder because of how much
    testosterone they have, but for somebody not on steroids…

  8. No professional bodybuilder should comment on diet and gaining muscle. It’s
    like asking a chef about the best recipe when he douses everything with

  9. oh look, more faggots on steroids trying to sell you miracles, who falls
    for this shit. Have fun dying from a heart attack by the time you’re 40

  10. volkan serteser

    wtf man mike is saying that if you wanna get muscle you gotta eat more
    carbs!! but that guy is saying eating carb never help build muscle ?? im so
    confused about diet 

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  12. I am going to get ripped, no matter how many people say i can’t.
    I’ll send you a picture when i’m done!

  13. One thing i don’t get, the recommended dose is once a day, and 10-12 grams
    of bcaa only have 2.5-3.5 grams of leucine? So i have to drink 48 grams of
    bcaa every day to have the anabolic switch on? Is that dangerous?

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  15. Mike! How would you say someone like me a vegetarian can get ripped, since
    i do not eat meat and in some cases not even dairy products it is very hard
    gaining mass, Would love if you made a video where you explain how
    vegetarians and vegans can go at it and become ripped as well even without
    protine from the usual sources like meat and suppliments that contains


    Dam comment fuckin rude cut him a brake …all u fuckin haters 1st off
    genetics have a lot to do with how fast you build muscle to so he’s probly
    going on average so shut fuck up bitchz

  17. 5lbs a year ? yeah for you ya skeleton! it’s actually around 7-12lbs a year
    especially if you’re a newbie 

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  19. first of all Arnold started when he was 15 u bitch
    2 maybe u gain in 2 kg of muscle when u start bodybuilding after u can’t
    even gain 1 kg in one year first know something before u talk shit.

  20. Alen alenovski

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  22. I am 14 and I have been working out for the past 5 months I have seen good
    results I have average abs and some muscle so thank u for the advice

  23. Dont be such a lame bro. that shit dont work. you need to hit the gym then
    tan and then laundry like every other day bro. chill dude

  24. Yeah dude. I put on about 15 pounds of muscle in a year. I know what people
    are gonna say, they’re gonna say most of it is probably fat. Wrong. I got
    leaner than I was when I started. My advice is eat alot, train hard and you
    wil probably suprose yourself if you are expecting to put on 5 pounds in a

  25. mdmiltonhossen

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  27. wasanthi Ranasinha

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  28. I’m thinking of taking hgh but in a few months. Right now I’m working out
    trying to eat right to get the fat out. Then ill hit the hgh.

  29. Subramnian Smith

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