How To Gain Muscle Mass: When To Eat Carbs For Muscle Mass FAST

Have a look at my “28 day secret” to put on more muscle mass than any other guy here: Want to k… My three step plan to build a tremendous amount of lean muscle FAST! If you’re trying to build a bigger chest, …
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  1. Have you heard about Max Muscle Method? (look for it on google) It is a
    quick and easy way for you to bulk up fast.

  2. Hey guys. Nice vid. My cousin was once a flabby. He went from 285 lbs of
    pure fat to 201 lbs of purely natural lean muscle. Shit’s insane! I just
    subscribed personally as I’d like to strengthen my whole body. He used the
    Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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  4. hey Vince awesome vid!!!i really want to know how can i maintaiin my muscle
    weight as i run a an athlete and finding it really difficult!!!

  5. 3000 calories in a Shake! :O I consume 2400-2500 calories throughout the
    whole day and you’re going to tell me you take more than that in
    ONE.SINGLE.SHAKE. That’s insane lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s indeed
    a miscalculation.

  6. Are you sticking to the diet as well or just the lifting component? You
    have to follow every aspect of a program for it to work.

  7. meal frequency doesnt matter for everyone! people should eat when they
    want! all they need to do is track their food. would you like me to provide
    you with studies showing meal frequency is irrelevant? grow up vince just
    admit it and move on

  8. Ok Idk if that Rhun guy is adding thing up right, but I’m having a similar
    problem. I’ve been trying to bulk all I can. I was able to get from 133-151
    at 7% body fat in a month and looking at that I thought it was reasonable
    to think I could gain 10 more pounds a month for my goal of 180lbs. But
    watching this video has me questioning that. Also I’m worried as to how
    high my “maintenance” level calories will end up being. half way into month
    two I’m at 155lbs 8% fat and eating 4000 daily. wtf?

  9. Nobody said 4-5 pounds of muscle a month.. he said 4-5 pounds of mass per
    month (glycogen, water, muscle, fat, etc).

  10. It is harder than when you were 18 for sure, but not impossible. Just stay
    consistent. Even small gains are gains.

  11. i eat around 6-8 times a day but it is really difficult to keep up muscle
    size when u spend 6hours a day on field!!!being a vegan does not
    help,either!!trying to learn a lot about kinesiology and nutrition to help

  12. Sondre Aalbotsjord

    Test out what? his program? I’m not going to test it out because i’m a
    powerlifter. I train primarly for strength so my program is specially made
    for me. I’m just against people who’s preaching bullshit. Vince has been
    talking alot of bullshit lately. He’s a bro-scientist. But hey, if you want
    to believe you can gain 4-5 pounds of muscle a month just believe it. But
    don’t be disapointed when you’ve only gained about 15-30 pounds a year, or
    even less. What records lol?

  13. hey vince.i want to gain weight and get a good 5.9 and 63 kg. i
    started working out but my diet isnt right with the percentage of calories
    and carbs! got any numbers for mw

  14. thanks.vince!!!do u mean dat if my calorie intake is more than what i
    burn,consuming around 30gm of proteins every day, i wont burn my
    muscles???sick and tired of gaining and losing these hard earned
    muscles!!!!thanks a lot!!

  15. with what age would you recommend me to start using creatine in my diet? I
    am almost 16 now, and I would want to know your thoughts on that. Keep the
    great work up 🙂

  16. Start with 15x your bodyweight in calories 40/30/30 macro split. If you’re
    not gaining within a week bump your calories up to 16x bw, then 17x, then
    18x etc. -Team Delmonte

  17. Hey Vince. I finally lost all my extra weight while working out hard with
    tons of cardio for 2 years. I want to grow a bigger chest but now they tell
    me I have to gain weight to do that which sounds very scary since I worked
    so hard to lose it. I am eating more and gaining wight but I’m 50 and I’m
    still not gaining muscle with a lots of weight training. Is it even
    possible to get a bigger chest if I’m 50? Someone told me it’s futile.

  18. Who are you to tell him “it’s a waste” if he’s getting results? That’s NOT
    for you to decide.

  19. Lol not a good way to build mass at all. You pretty much drop on every
    eccentric (negative) contraction… which is what actually tears your
    muscle fibres. Building mass = time under tension.

  20. v – I think he knows what is and isn’t good in terms of mass building. Not
    only is the dude built like a tank to prove that what he preaches works,
    he’s also one of the most qualified (if not the most) fitness guys on
    youtube. Time under tension is one variable of training.

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