How to Eat Paleo and Build Muscle

It isn’t difficult to get all of the nutrients you need to building muscle while not eating grains or dairy. But most bodybuilding gurus are hell bent on con…

24 thoughts on “How to Eat Paleo and Build Muscle”

  1. JeepJKWrangler

    You need to cut out the bacon and pepperoni since its got tons of nasty
    chemicals. Unless its natural bacon.

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  3. Swatantra Singh Rajput

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  5. dude you are not goin to build any muscle without some kind of carb in your
    diet. fruits and vegetables wont cut it. i understand that you dont want to
    eat grains but if you wanna build muscle, youre gonna need sweet potatoes,
    yams, etc. they are still paleo. but dude i tried not eating any carbs and
    i felt horrible in the gym with no fuel to push through a workout. just
    lookin out man

  6. I’ve been on paleo “more or less” for about 6 months. The other day I was
    so hungry I just made a quick bowl of spaghetti. My GOD!… That was
    horrible. I suffered so much I cringe at the thought of pasta now.

  7. serendipitousingh

    hi mate i’m sceptical about egg whites in a container! can you help to
    quash my scepticism?? thanks currently my eggs are organic but i can see
    how egg whites are cost effective and convenient 🙂

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  9. why do egg whites on Paleo? the whole egg is better I would think. Paleo is
    not afraid of fat especially like this. Also not just meat grassfed
    organic. not pink slime regular supermarket stuff. The quality of the meat
    is and essential part of Paleo.

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  15. Malith Sandaruwan

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  16. Devinda Bandara

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