How To Eat Carbs And Still Have A Six Pack

Get abs eating tasty food. What’s up, It’s Mike Chang and today I want to talk about carbs. I want to talk about how many ca…

Get ripped FASTER with this one simple “Trick.” In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to do Supermans or reverse leg c…
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50 thoughts on “How To Eat Carbs And Still Have A Six Pack”

  1. I think overall your carb intake should be aligned with the intensity of
    your workouts. The intense you workout (like cardio) the more you want to
    carb up, otherwise you risk breaking down muscle tissues. 

  2. Carbs dont make u fat, to much calories makes you fat… High carb and low
    fat is the best way to loose weight healthy. 

  3. Dandangalo Dangalus

    Who is this dipshit and why do his videos appear at the front page of
    Youtube every time I log on? We get it, you’re into fitness. People with
    real jobs don’t often have 3 hours to pound iron and pose in the mirror
    every day. 

  4. Do your own research and don’t take his word for it. CARBS DO NOT TURN INTO
    FAT. Carbs don’t make you fat. Fats make you fat. 

  5. Just for your info “Six Pack Shortcuts” steroid midget guy – carbohydrates,
    are commonly referred to as sugars. So please learn at least some basic
    things about nutrition before making video.

  6. Fuck you mike everyone reacts to carbs differently. Your advice is as
    shitty as the stack ur taking #downwithmikechange

  7. well you need carbs and salt to be healthy, if you cut both those out from
    your diet, yes you will loose weight, but your fat to body ration will go
    up, as your not loosing weight through fat. but rather through muscle.

  8. Yeah it makes sense but what if your type 1 diabetic and can’t be running
    on a quarter to half a tank because we don’t want to die of hypoglycemia?

  9. Please ignore this if I’m asking a stupid question as I’m new to working
    out and eating clean but let’s say for example i’m just eating lean protein
    plus vegetables (a lot more than usual) as I’m not eating hardly any carbs
    with my meals so my main source would be from the vegetables. Would I just
    carb up on the weekend? Can someone please advise me would appreciate it.

  10. he said the first time he has carbs is after his workout. that doesn’t
    really make sense because you need carbs to give yourself energy for the
    workout o.O

  11. nigga i eat poptarts all day every day. IIFYM for the win. this is bullshit

  12. MIKE is so hot, I want to lick his sweaty six packs all over like fucken
    hot honey pancakes…

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  14. Mike, what’s the rep range for romanian deadlift that you prefer for
    maximum hypotrophy?

  15. Bah, I say! 🙂 It’s marketing; he gave it a name that would get people’s
    attention. He isn’t lying, he gives good information that is like a
    “shortcut” around all the bullshit.

  16. If your working out at home stiff legged deadlifts are another good option
    for hamstrings. Good video…Mike is always positive and inspirational as

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