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How to Do Yoga Tripod Headstand Pose – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hi, I’m Brenna, this is Heather here at Bend Yoga Studio. We’re now going to demonstrate Tripod Headstand. Very helpful to use a blanket for this pose just so that if your skull is a little sensitive that’s going to help you alleviate that. To begin Heather why don’t you back up a little bit, and then placing your hands onto the floor and slide your finger tips actually underneath the blanket a little bit. Ya. And then from here shift your whole body forward and then bring the crown of the head down to your blanket. Now before you go any further into this pose, this should feel absolutely comfortable on your neck, no pain no discomfort whatsoever. And then there should be this nice smooth line from your shoulders to your elbows, essentially creating a 90 degree angle with your arms. And then when you’re ready Heather, curl your toes under, lift your knees up off of the ground. Then walking the feet a little bit closer towards your hands. And then when you’re ready so you’ve got to push into your palms, lift up from your neck, and reach your legs up into the sky. Taking your time to coming into your pose you maintain your balance. And as you’re there you continue to breath smoothly and deeply, tail bone is deeper into your body and then activate through your legs reaching all the way up through your heels and the palms of your toes. Stay there somewhere between 3 and 10 breaths
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