How to Do the Bird Dog Exercise | Abs Workout

How to Do the Bird Dog Exercise | Abs Workout

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24 thoughts on “How to Do the Bird Dog Exercise | Abs Workout”

  1. Was the #hatbackwards a way of you prevent people recognising you in the
    gym? BTW! Great video! Not just from a topical point of view Overall
    presentation was awesome friendly AND professional!

  2. some years have 366 days i dont wanna work hard 365 days a year and then
    the last throw it all away. jk

  3. Almost all of them i am guilty!
    Thanks for this vid, but is there any specific exercises focusing mainly on
    obliques? I mean i cant really get rid of my love handles… Please tackle
    some appropriate exercises for it. Thanks.Godbless!

  4. Corrine Resendez

    1. swinging?
    2. not lifting legs high enough?
    3. dipping the belly, bad form
    4. not completing the sit up
    5. looks like the neck is going to hurt later
    6. bending legs? and dropping them to the groud?
    7. it’s wrong but I’m not sure what part it is.. arms? lol phone!

  5. Healthy Lifestyle Trainer

    Haha… I’ve seen worse than both #7 & #8. Imagine on #7, the person also
    lifting their hips when their head is down then using the momentum of the
    hips dropping back to the bench to start the motion. It even sounds ugly.
    And for #8, I saw someone do a short set of “abs” then watch 3 minutes of
    some TV show!! What the heck??

  6. Roberto Fernandez

    #1 Using inertia to help lift the legs.
    #2 Letting the legs drop by gravity and not lifting enough with spine
    #3 Bad posture for a plank position. This would be a lazy plank.
    #4 dropping the body till it hits the ground.
    #5 curving the spine and lifting the legs
    #6 Dropping the legs and opening them
    #7 Resting in each point relaxing the abs
    #8 Bad posture and taking an unneeded break

  7. 1. swinging your body
    2. movement is not controlled, knees should go higher
    3. body should be straight
    4. movement is not controlled
    5. straining your neck and back, using your legs for momentum… everything?
    6. movement is not controlled, sloppy form
    7. i don’t have the slightest idea about those machines…

    Close for someone who can’t see her abs…

  8. balancing your body, going to fast with momentum, back isn’t straight, not
    doing the full motion, holding the head, i dont need to comment this one
    lol, putting your back on the bench, answering the chixx haha

  9. 1 making balance
    2 no lifting his knees high enough”
    3 bad form , not straight , arms elbows too forward
    4,5 not using something to hold your legs ?
    6 letting gravity do the work for you on the negatives
    7 bad tempo , spots in the motion when the abs are not engaged (when he
    touches his legs with his torso and lies on his back)

  10. Thanks for all the great advise brad, love your videos and and ideas! One
    question I’ve never taken protein powder which brand or specific protien do
    you recommend?? 

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