How to do beginner ***abdominal exercises for women***

More at Time to work those abs ! You know you have to. Maybe you don’t like to. Better abs means better life, period. I’m just…
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25 thoughts on “How to do beginner ***abdominal exercises for women***”

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  5. @MissKuriosity Eating nothing but Special K products wouldn’t help. To be
    honest, ONLY doing this exercise won’t help you lose weight. Mix it up with
    walking and other exercises. Be sure to eat healthy! Do NOT starve
    yourself; eat plenty of veggies and fruit, stay hydrated, eat foods that
    are high in fiber to feel full for longer, and be sure to get protein.
    Solely eating Special K products for a week or two isn’t a permanent
    solution; once you go back to eating normally, you’ll gain weight.

  6. Is it okay if I do this everyday? what other exercise I can for my arms? i
    really want to have a small but firm arm. Can you help me? thank you so

  7. I love this routine…because I have lower back problems, I can’t do a lot
    of ab workouts yet. But your routine burns my abs without burning out my
    back. Thanks!

  8. I have a question and I need an answer.My muscles get used very quickly
    with any type of exercise.I have tried many exercises and after 4-5 days of
    losing wight, it just stops and I remain with the same weight.What should I
    do to avoid the habit of my body with the amount of exercises I do? Please,
    I need an answer, I have big problems with fat.At my age and height I
    should have 55 kg but I have 70kg…Can you help me?

  9. ParkerPilates

    Just saw this question. I would skip the rolling like a ball right now.
    sounds like the place on your back needs more time to heal. Thanks for the

  10. Hellohellogorgeos123

    Ok, no joke, i have been doing this once a day for three days, and my abs
    are already starting to come through, recommended 😀 x

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  12. Hi Parker..Thank you soo much for uploading this video!! My stomach has
    flattened half way in just 3 weeks. Thanks again..u r awesome!!

  13. Thanks for sharing ParkerPilates. These are great beginners exercises, as
    the exercises get more advanced however they will require more strain to be
    put on the neck and back. We designed a piece of equipment that works the
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  15. @mcjeb What kind of weight loss are you attempting to accomplish by eating
    very small amounts of these so-called “high-energy” foods? Any weight loss
    you would experience from ONLY consuming those small amounts wouldn’t be
    permanent. You’d have to maintain that diet for the rest of your life if
    you didn’t want to gain more weight, which wouldn’t be healthy. Variety is
    the key. You don’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight.

  16. Crazy clip. Awesome movie. My dad was formerly a fatty. He changed his body
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  17. if i do exercise on a tub, will it be the same result? because i figured
    that it is easier to exercise when i am in the water. please let me know,
    thank u.

  18. I think I fall under the category of sub-beginner lol cuz I have no
    endurance. But I’m not going to give up. I want my beach body…

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