How to Do Abdominal Exercises : Love Handles Oblique Abdominal Exercises

Learn how to do a “love handles” oblique abdominal exercise from an expert in this free fitness video on abdominal exercises. Expert: Katie Bowers Bio: Katie…
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25 thoughts on “How to Do Abdominal Exercises : Love Handles Oblique Abdominal Exercises”

  1. it does, whilst exercising leg and stomach muscle, it is also exercising
    the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is the muscle going around your lower
    back to your hips 🙂

  2. u can switch off the captions do that instead of cryin about ” the
    captions in the way “and crap…boohoo

  3. one of the only ‘love handles’ exercise i can really feel targeting the
    area i want rid of! it’s finally nice to have an exercise i can feel so i
    know i’m not wasting my time! thanks!

  4. alexandra7408

    my cousin starved her self and i told her not 2 she only ate an apple and a
    banana and plenty of water it worked but starving her self wasnt a good idea

  5. @dustysnoop i did this though and i actually favorite it. actually i just
    do the first method she uses. ive lost a lot of love handle fat i went down
    two pant sizes but i was also mixing in other workouts

  6. @chandlerjuliafarrar lol I was just thinking the same thing! Probably
    because it’s like everything else in America. Businesses get you addicted
    to whatever. So then later, you feel guilty and another business to help
    the problem will reap the benefits, but doesn’t permanently help the
    problem. Vicious cycle all over!

  7. Larry Kamphausen

    This is very helpful! Thank you! I assume that I’m NOT supposed to lead
    with my head… but use the core/etc. muscles instead.

  8. ngochoalongxuong

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    search)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin burned lots
    of stubborn fat.

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