How to Do Abdominal Exercises : How to Do Ab Crunch Exercises

Learn how to do crunches and abdominal exercises from an expert in this free fitness video on abdominal exercises. Expert: Katie Bowers Bio: Katie Bowers is …

25 thoughts on “How to Do Abdominal Exercises : How to Do Ab Crunch Exercises”

  1. u guyz are unbelievable ..she is giving something useful and correcting the
    wrong way a lot of ppl do crunches and all u can say is something
    vulgar…..cuz u guyz are on magazine covers….oh wait ur get the
    useful stuff…fuckfaces

  2. jenevajones991

    good tips on keeping your chin up, how to hold your head/neck..didn’t know
    I was doing crunches wrong!

  3. i have been told that your not supposed to put your hand behind your head,
    is that true? and how soon after doing this do you start to see improvement?

  4. great tips small but very important i used to lift my neck …..thanks
    …was reli helpful

  5. William Sewell

    Crunches are a waste of time. You can do all the crunches in the world and
    until you are blue in the face and it will not guarantee nice visible abs.
    I’ll show you how I got visible abs; iheartabs.blogspot

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