How to Do a Bicycle Kick | Ab Workout

Watch more Home Ab Workout for Men videos: Learn how to do a bicycle kick from certified p…

Awesome standing ab workout. Work your abs without doing situps. Excelente rutina de abdominals de pie. ♤ Web Site: ♤ INNER CRICLE FitCl…

34 thoughts on “How to Do a Bicycle Kick | Ab Workout”

  1. TheCompanion CuBE

    Because of this guy, im 10 and i did 53 of this Bicy. Kick exercise. . . im
    gonna stop my self on drinking coke now, im trying to eat fruits and vegies
    only so i can be first in my P.E. 🙂 subscribed

  2. Sean D. Van de Riet

    See, these are good videos, unlike the ones with that therapist who you
    can’t even hear over the music.

  3. Yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first
    to get the 6 pack. Between do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill
    belly fat if you don’t know about them you must see this. have a look here

  4. I really impressed at how good your Spanish is. It helps me in my ongoing
    study and I’m staying fit!

  5. Great workout. I know you said do it three time but I don’t want to over do
    it so I will do the workout first, do my cardio workout on the elliptical
    then do this ab workout again. Thank you. 

  6. i cry every time I watch your videos because i thought i will never be
    able to work out again due to my spinal injury. After i watched your SIT
    AND SWEAT EXERCISE, ” I got so inspired and since then I have been
    exercising again. God bless you! <3 

  7. muy bueno, he hecho el esfuerzo de hacer tu ejercicios y he conseguido de
    pesar 176 a 156 libras si se puede…………..

  8. lo había visto en facebook y lamentaba que no lo habias puesto aqui,
    gracias gracias por hacerlo! ya lo descargo y lo hare.

  9. I felt this more in my thighs and hips, not so much in my stomach. Maybe I
    was doing it wrong. But anway it was still a great little workout. 

  10. I’m 54 & have tried so many workouts. I’m tiny but have battled cellulite
    for a long time. Tiffany your work outs are great. I am now tightening up
    all areas and the cellulite is actually turning into muscle . I look
    forward to excercising. There fun at the same time. Thank you so much!

  11. Tiff, I just want to give thumbs on your workouts. Once you’re tuned in
    you’re tuned in. If I was to skip a day or two, my body sure can tell.
    Thank you so much for making your workout videos available.. without it,
    hmmm I don’t know… your workouts are easy and effective

  12. I can’t watch the “10 min. Shaking Waist” vid!!!! That was my fav!!!! Is
    there anyway you can re-record & upload an identical workout?!

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