How to Cut Weight for a Powerlifting Meet

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25 thoughts on “How to Cut Weight for a Powerlifting Meet”

  1. Michael Rodriguez

    Just bought your program. I only donated 2 bucks. All i got for now. Keep
    it up bro!!! I’m spreading the word about you here with the powerlifters in
    my town!!!

  2. After such a long time since your last video, hearing that intro again made
    me fanboy hard. Love your videos, man!

  3. Ari Snaevarsson

    So my favorite YouTuber makes a video on cutting water for a meet literally
    DURING the week where I was cutting water for a meet…….. Damn why
    couldn’t I have watched this before??

  4. So for water loading, if I just drink water when I’m thirsty, then all of
    the sudden want to water load it wouldn’t work because I don’t have an
    accurate measurement of how much I was taking in? 

  5. denmark manalastas

    Talk about timing!! I’ve been looking for a very informative video such as
    this!! Thank you!!

  6. Thanks Izzy, for this awesome video. You can’t find these kind of in-depth
    video’s anywhere else!

  7. Great video as always man! One question: when you reduce carb intake, do
    you eat more from the other macronutrients? Or actually reduce calories?

  8. Gabriel Beauchemin

    To remake the glucogen reserve, fruits must be the best source, as it is
    simple sugar digested and into the cells in 20-60 minutes?

    Also you say to eat vegetable when you want to avoid carb, I may be wrong
    but I think vegetable is carbs? It is made mainly of glucide which is

  9. Anthony Bachour

    Great video man! I’ve always been interested on how this is done.

  10. Reddevilowns

    Great video as always Izzy. But If I could have your opinion on a variation
    of your protocol the day before weigh in’s (24 hour weigh in). Instead of
    having 0.5Gal water as well as >1gram sodium and all liquid meals, Ive been
    told to not eat or drink anything all day not just 12hours out. So just
    take sips of water to swallow supplements and thats all. Do you think this
    will help lose more weight or if it is harmfull? Thanks for all your great
    info you always put out!

  11. Question on the two hour weigh in on One Day Out. If I am to only have .5
    gallons of liquid that day and still have a liquid diet, does that mean I
    can still intake my regular liquid protein foods and have the 0.5 gallons
    of water separate? Thanks Izzy.

  12. Thanks for putting it all together Izzy, great info & excellent video!

  13. Steven Dandurand

    Great video. I used water most of these methods for my first meet. Went
    from 230 to 217. Hit all PRs at my meet too.

  14. Whitney Nelson

    So, I’m right at the cusp of my weight class as a 75kg female lifter
    getting ready to do her first meet. I know that for the first meet they say
    “don’t even worry about making weight!” but… I’m neurotic. I can weigh in
    the night before, at 5:30pm. My plan is to water load and then just not
    drink or eat anything that day except for my morning coffee and maybe a
    Monster Zero. Seem like a legit plan?

  15. Do you think drinking alcohol like liquor the night before weigh ins would
    cause you to weigh in even lighter than just cutting water weight

  16. TheSwoleBroscientist

    8:00 you mean “sodium intake”, not “water intake” in the chart- js (same
    goes for all the other charts used, actually). Nice video, man

  17. Another quality informative video Izzy, wouldn’t expect anything less.
    Loving the program by the way, on week 8 and have already improved

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