How to buy Lean Protein at the Grocery Store

Get abs eating tasty food. What’s up, It’s Mike Chang and today I want to take you shopping with me. My main focus is going …
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25 thoughts on “How to buy Lean Protein at the Grocery Store”

  1. hey guys i am just wondering if he’s doing this to gain our money as some
    say..then why he’ll share all these free videos of workouts & advices for
    all of you??!

  2. You throw shit around as if you fucking own it… Someone has YouTube
    celebrity syndrome.

  3. Predator757airsoft

    deer is also really good to eat because the fat and muscle and separate, so
    you can have 100% lean meat 

  4. Do you even eat vegetables that is the most important thing for building
    muscles. I hope you eat lots of vegetable other wise you will have heart
    attack eating that chunk of meat for your daily diet. 

  5. I bet the customers (obviousily people that dont know him ) were like why
    the fuck that guy talking to a camera

  6. i like chicken breast curry celery, carrots brown rice. i don’t know if
    curry is good for you. gives me the shits bro.

  7. So maaanyy haaaters!! LOL where are your Youtube channels?! Where are your
    2M followers!? Go sit down and eat a burger you losers. He is not saying
    all of these tips are set in stone and Holy, he is giving recommendations.
    Don’t like it, LEAVE! So simple, but I can understand how that could be
    hard for an idiot to comprehend. Smdh. 

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