How To Burn Stomach Fat & Reduce it Fast Within 10 15 Days

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25 thoughts on “How To Burn Stomach Fat & Reduce it Fast Within 10 15 Days”

  1. I like all these positions though the only I don’t understand was tabletop,
    I thought she was gonna do something on top of the table, but still
    missionary ? So disappointed but so sexy husky voice, love the video. 

  2. Omg! Video looks really good!! Well even I have started up and awesome plan
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  3. I have been doing this for about a week and a half (along with drinking
    lot’s of water and no junk food) and it’s been giving me pretty good
    results I wrote them down on a notecard and do more than she does

    -plank + leg lifts = 15X
    -table twists = 20X
    -reverse crunch legs = 20
    -bicycle = 20X
    -leg drops = 15X
    -basic crunches = 20
    -quick pulses = 15

    X = on each side

    do all those once a day (or twice) every day and you’ll be golden by Spring
    Break! And as you progress do 5-10 more of each week.

    so thankful for this video:)

  4. I don’t feel so much when i do the thing with the foot and the hand.. Why?
    Do i something wrong..?

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  7. This is brilliant! Could definitely feel it in my abs the day after. I
    also love how you only need to do this 2-3 times a week, thank you:)

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