How to Build Wide, Thick and Big Back Muscles by Ben Pakulski – How to Develop Wide, Thick and Big Back Muscles by Ben Pakulski – visit – – Ben Pakulski gets…

How Much Muscle Can You Build: How To Build Muscle Fast

How Much Muscle Can You Build: How To Build Muscle Fast Video reveals the best diet to lose weight Want to build muscle? Hi…

45 thoughts on “How to Build Wide, Thick and Big Back Muscles by Ben Pakulski”

  1. Psytex Anonymous

    Fuckin’ awesome, its pretty nice learning this stuff, you get so much
    better results knowing how to train properly and to know all the important
    stuff required to know if you want results.
    Thanks man, this is going to help out a lot.

  2. Ben i just bought mi40x and honestly i gotta say it rocks. Took me like 2
    days to read and watch through everything but worth it. Keep up the great
    work I’m always cheering for you. 

  3. Bokhandlaren Smooth

    Best channel on youtube. I learn stomething new everytime i watch your
    videos. Iv noticed a significant change of my body and muscles sience i
    began to apply your techniques. Thx for a great channel!

  4. BenP, fantastic video as always. I tried the externally rotated row just
    now in my chair and felt it straight away in my mid lower traps, very
    difficult place to isolate. How would you incorporate that into a movement?

  5. Would it be fair to say that single-handed cables pulldowns seated would
    serve that exact purpose Ben?

  6. Definitely mate. Size is the name of the game in Mi40. U may also want to
    look into Hypertrophy Max when they open it up again in Dec.

  7. i second that. these videos are like teasers for the hours of amazing
    content from MI40. i have a formal education in things like biomechanics
    and exercise physiology that i paid tens of thousands for and I honestly
    feel like MI40 is a better investment for people who train themselves and

  8. Well one exercise must be working more the width and another more the
    thickness I don’t know maybe I am wrong

  9. I have the MI40 program. You’ll definitely be fine. But why you wouldn’t
    want to lean out AND build muscle is a little mind boggling, but what ever,
    rock on.

  10. Can u do a video all about hgh how to increase it naturally and how it
    works and what workouts bring it out n how??

  11. I did not understand the part of the external rotation and the development
    of the mid-back. I have exactly this problem. Can you elaborate a bit more
    on that ? My lower and rhomboids are weak. Thanks bro

  12. Dwayne The Rock Johnson

    Chris Jones has BBC genes…That means that he can train with shitty form
    and still gain a shitload of muscle coz he’s black

  13. Luca YourFitnessEngineer

    Hey ben, in many videos you suggest not to eat carbs before working out. In
    your mi40 you suggest not to eat fat since 4 hours before your workout.
    Which of the two ???

  14. Great advice. I have a question though: Will the pulldown movement behind
    my head make 100% sure I will to it correctly compared to the normal
    pulldown infront of me?

  15. I like how you take the difficult topics and break them down into simpler
    terms keep up the good work I am learning so much

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  22. It totally depends on which stage a person is at, in the first year of
    training depending on ones age you can build up to 15 pounds (max), the
    second year is half of that, and the third year half of that so that by the
    time you are 4+ years you are adding a couple pounds a year. Its the law of
    diminishing returns.

  23. tamilmani saheswary

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  25. Jimmy, how tall are you? Im 6ft 6 and always get back pain on back and
    sometimes shoulder day. Any tips?

  26. so i have been in the gym for 2 months now and ive gained 5 pounds. im
    lifting quite a bit more than when i started. does this mean my progress is
    just going to drop and i shouldnt expect to just get ripped all of a
    sudden? lol

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