How To Build Swol Muscle Fast With Out Steroids

Not hating. Just saying. Nothing personal against anyone, just sharing my comments and criticisms. How To Build Swol Muscle Fast With Out Steroids.
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25 thoughts on “How To Build Swol Muscle Fast With Out Steroids”

  1. Harley, I have to say you are wrong on this and no nothing about muscle
    building. Your physique shows it, stick to what you know, cycling, and
    running amateur 5/10k times. 

  2. Strive4GreatnessPOP

    Idk about this one.. i think its very attainable to have a “physique of
    greatness” if you have been working out for years and eating healthy along
    with supplements/whey protein.. u dont need juice at all just decent
    genetics and good work ethic.. and your an immature jackass for even
    disrespecting the ones who have got there naturally and for future
    inspiring body builders

  3. I like Durianrider yeah, but he is mad jealous of people with decent muscle
    and size, come on guys, you don’t have any friends who you KNOW definitely
    don’t take steroids, but are big? He is full of shit on the bulking videos

  4. You should seriously stop making videos about building muscle. You should
    instead just talk about the exact opposite, which you are good at, that is
    maintaining minimal amounts of muscle and eating like a monkey. 

  5. You can give your messages without sounding like a jealous pompous douche
    right? Try it…

  6. Fred Perry, you do realise that Rob Riches failed a drug test and was
    kicked out of a competition? 

  7. pissed me pants laughing at the piss take at the end of this post,you are
    a legend Harley ,keep up the GREAT work.

  8. Hey Durian, what a great video really puts the power meter into
    perspective. I have decided to buy myself one of those for Xmas. Keep up
    the good work.

  9. Adrian Woodlock

    your no expert on steroids. just because your friend sells them and some
    of your friend take them. you trained some people in the gym ten years
    ago. if you had a personal relationship with a few hundred bodybuilders
    and power lifters over a 20 year period and you knew if they were taking
    steroids or not then you would be a real expert and be able to give good

  10. TheHurleyBatman

    Thanks for keeping it real brah, looks like I will in fact have to cycle :/
    May as well go all out if i’m going to juice as well, so I’ll probably drop
    the vegan thing and start eating the kilo of steak everyday. Gear without
    tons of protein is useless. Anyway, thanks for keeping it real and keep up
    the good work! 

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