How To Build Muscle With Gymnastics Rings (Big Brandon Carter)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5 Frequently, our diets are perfectly balanced in amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats…

33 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle With Gymnastics Rings (Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. Andrés Vernazza

    one of your best videos bro!!! but, do you think that with low volume you
    can build muscle?

  2. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis

    dude buy some umbrela light for your videos.
    they are dark

  3. Keep the videos coming! I’m working to get my chest and arms like yours. My
    six pack is there in full effect. Legs are there. Just want your chest. I’m
    not doing badly for someone hitting 40 in 5 months. Building that MUSCLE
    MASS. I use Jungle Gym. It’s half the price of the TRX.

  4. Yo brandon!! I know this might seem like a stupid question but is it a good
    idea to eat a salad at the end of the day before you sleep? Ive been
    working out a lot lately and since salads clean your system i wonder if it
    effects the nutrients you put inside your body.. 

  5. my cousin got some of these. I always try to do variations bro, just like
    you said. I put the rings down a bit lower then i put my feet in there.
    Then i do a pushup which will work my upper chest then a knee tuck for the
    core. Crazy workouts with this, time to get that MUSCLE MASSS

  6. Great video as always man, do some videos on exercises with reps/sets if
    you wanna lose fat and get ripped! Need to see that 6 pack before I get

  7. I’ve been working out and eating according to your book for 7 weeks and
    this was the first week that in I havent lost any weight. What do you think
    I should do? I was thinking about trying intermittent fasting for a week,
    to see how it works.

  8. You definitely got some of the BEST workout videos online, straight to the
    cut and no bullshit yapping mumbling like some of them other dudes. You’re
    really humble and funny too! You can make the laziest dude sitting on a
    couch eating potato chips get motivated to work out. I guess it’s cause
    you’re really trying to help people out and I believe most people can see
    that in you, except for the occasional cynic. I always like how you keep
    everything Real with no fancy crap. Thanks a lot for the videos.

  9. I use the jungle gym xt and I get a hellava workout. Sometimes I use a
    weight vest. My friends that are gym heads they struggle just to push out
    two dips with it.

  10. Aye Brandon are you planning to make some Caps or T shirts saying
    “MUSCLEMASS!”? Because I would buy them dude

  11. Cinco Hernandez

    Been on this channel since like July, and HONESTLY, I haven’t seen one
    video that’s full of shit or non helpful, couldn’t be more grateful for the
    vids u make bro, shoutout from the Bronx 

  12. BBC, do you have any tips on keeping a consistent diet … I tend to eat
    really healthy one day and like complete shit the next . Thanks.

  13. I also like to do muscle ups on it. good video B, I would like to see more
    workout videos in the gym some new full body and lower body/upperbody
    workouts :D

  14. Hey Brandon, what do you think about slowing down reps? 4 seconds down,then
    4 seconds up, and pausing 4 secs at the top and bottom?

  15. “Frequently, our diets are perfectly balanced in amount of calories,
    proteins, carbohydrates and fats ingested.” :l

  16. Foods really high in vitamin A = Goji berries
    Foods really high in vitamin C = Camu camu berry
    Best Source of vitamin D is from the sun so get tanning WITHOUT

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