How To Build Muscle Size And Density

How To Build Muscle Size And Density CLICK HERE to build some Biologically Superior Muscle!…

25 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle Size And Density”

  1. That is the video that has the answer that I’ve been looking for.
    Difference between puffy muscls and fiber filled muscls ( dense ones ). The
    question is, what do i start with first if i want the both strength and
    mass?..taking in mind that i am a any idea brothers ??

  2. Getting bigger & stronger….I call my program…”Get 30″. 30 weighted
    reps. 30 solid, strict, full range of motion, weighted reps. Usually 6
    sets. Example…back day(pulling)…pulldowns to chin (front)…I warm up
    with 90 lbs for 15 good reps (don’t count this) I’ll do
    200…190…180…170…ect… Right now at 200 I’ll get 4 good
    reps…then 190 for 5 or 6…then 180 for 6-7 …I drop weight until I
    reach 30 total…then I move on to cable rows….same thing…200 for 3-4
    reps…190 for 5-6 …til’ I get 30. Then reverse pull downs…then bar
    rows…ect. Oh….& eat protein…all day. I’m sooo full….all the time.
    I almost hate being so full…I used to strive on hunger pains…but…I
    wanted to be bigger…right? 

  3. hey Elliot is it okay if i trained one week high reps lower weight and rest
    and then the next week low rep higher weight and rest. Or do you think it
    is more benficial to change it up within my workouts?
    sorry im quite new to your channel and dont know how to send you a question

  4. I hear you lift heavy for say 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps. to do the 2nd one you
    was talking about. (like body builders do)

  5. Anton H Andersson

    Could I do like this in a push workout? 5sets 3 reps bench, then 2 chest
    exercises of 10 reps and 4 sets. After that 5 sets of 3 heavy military
    press and then lateral raise 12 reps and then light triceps exercises?

  6. THANK YOU ELLIOT! This thing with muscle fiber teardown vs the pump has
    confused me so much lately, and is not something that is adressed very
    often in bodybuilding topics. I like how you talk about all these
    important, yet not mentioned topics, related to training.

  7. samuraimacisthebest

    Is this correct?
    Heavy weights
    2 – 4 reps
    6 sets
    2 – 3 min rest

    Lighter weights
    8 – 12 reps
    3 sets
    30 – 60 sec rest

  8. John Parinello Jr.

    With regards to sarcoplasmic hytrophility; pretty sure I spelled it
    wrong. High reps, 3 sets of 25; with gradual weight increase of 5lbs
    every week to two weeks. What’s your opinion on that as a work out

  9. It would have been cool to have a couple pictures of examples of both body
    types. Either way, I learned something, thanks

  10. Anish Bhandari

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    pills, or potions. Copy And Paste into Google Fat Blast Factor to find out

  11. Jonathan Sivocci

    Can you not block those stupid add spammers from posting ?. btw good post

  12. Mohammed Hamzah

    Ok so to put this simple and save having to watch a 6m video

    How should you train for dense big muscles ?

    And how for big puffy muscles ?


  13. I only weigh 145 and I’m 6″ even. Before working out I weighed 112 so I
    gained pure muscle and got cut. But parley I have gained strength and no
    weight? My Max on bench is 215 now but I’m the same size as when I bench
    pressed 165. I don’t understand why I can’t gain anymore weight or mass no
    matter how I lift or how much I eat can someone help me out here 

  14. Jean-Luc Andre

    Do we lost quicker puffy muscles when we stoop training or is it at the
    same speed than with dense muscle ?

  15. Am training mma 3 days a week and lift weights 3 days also but I have been
    in the gym for about 2 years with no single change in my body shape am
    skinny :*(

  16. Yo Elliot I’m 16 and 180 pounds. I have a small layer of fat covering my
    abs but my arms shoulders back etc are well developed. I’m a soccer player
    and I think that this layer of fat is reducing my speed. Any tips on how to
    lose the fat on my torso and getting faster? Thanks

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