How to Build Muscle on Junk Food

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50 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle on Junk Food”

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  2. +Mugz5603 they arnt allowed to smoke pot in their dorm rooms either lol but
    who the fuck listens?

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    Good info Elliot, however, junk food alone wouldn’t do the trick – or would

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    nice info as always Elliot! Sounds like toaster ovens can come in real
    handy for prepping your weekly meals. Title is a little misleading though…
    It’s not possible to bulk up on junk food alone.

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  7. great advice but you can’t use toaster ovens and hot plates in dorms,
    unless they lack smoke alarms and fire safety. off campus students and
    commuters, sure.

  8. Great advice, I agree completely with this advice. If your an endomorph
    there is no reason to bulk, your naturally a bulker.

  9. Am i the only one that has put my eyes on THAT FUCKING BIG BOOGER in his
    nose>? still love ya dude ( no homo )

  10. Misleading title…I was expecting a video on building muscle with
    cheeseburgers and pizza…lol

  11. the titles are their to entice people, but the vides are bullshit. Mike
    chang does this aswell. They both get money from adverts

  12. pier-luc favreau

    hi elliott how are you im from Montreal Quebec(just north of NY state) i
    been following you here for a little while now i like what you saying! i
    walk 2 hours to go to work every day! i need exercises that i can do at
    home! for cheaps dinner tell people to buy a rice cooker! Get the rice in
    the bottom plus spices you want then the meat you want cut them in little
    scares then fill the rest with all kind of veggies! its good fast and
    healthy! all the minerals and vitamins stay in the rice!

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    Handy tips for working out for sure. Is definitely important to stretch the
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    Good stuff. Straightforward facts. Nice to hear advice from experts, and
    this guy obviously knows his stuff. Only suggestion I have is MAYBE some
    illustrations to go along with the areas mentioned to concentrate on. Other
    than that, this video covers a lot of good information. Thanks!

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  23. I have a question, I would like to build small lean muscle but have it be
    tone and defined. How could I achieve this?

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