“How To Build Muscle”: Muscle building Tips & Building Muscle Techniques With Kyle Leon

“How to build muscle” with muscle building diet and gain muscle tips…How to building muscle fast. http://www.themusclemaximizer.com Hey all, Kyle Leon here…
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25 thoughts on ““How To Build Muscle”: Muscle building Tips & Building Muscle Techniques With Kyle Leon”

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  3. Hey great video (as usual)! Just one thing that I would say is to beware of
    is the quick carbs before a workout…this insulin spike can result in 1. a
    crash during the workout and 2. an insulin spike is correlated with a drop
    in testosterone (not something you typically want before a workout). I know
    some people swear by carbs pre-workout, so just something to keep in
    mind…Thanks for some solid info though Kyle and Aaron!

  4. Brilliant video! Just found out about you Kyle and I think you’re awesome.
    You really know what you’re talking about and obviously practice what you
    preach! Keep up the good work and all the best!

  5. what si gonna happend if you train a bodypart for 2 times on the week with
    high intensity ?? Any way i think i do the two different way because this
    is my reps : 12-10-8-6

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