How To Build Muscle Mass – Lower Body Stripsets

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How To Build Muscle Fast | Best Program To Build Muscle Mass Fast

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39 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle Mass – Lower Body Stripsets”

  1. lol is he trying to do a hank hill voice? sounds a lot like him for certain

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  3. So hamstrings in Spanish is hamstrings? Whodathunk. BTW, Ed, your knees
    were flexing 1.5° on those stiff legs. Bad form. Just sayin.

  4. WOW..PROPS to YOU. “Finish up a ham work out” For me it would be a way to
    shell out my hams, take about a month to recover from that.

  5. I love stiff leg deadlifts. I remember the days I use to go up to 405.
    Not anymore. 

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