How to build muscle mass fast without supplements | How to build muscle mass fast and naturally

How to build muscle mass fast without supplements | How to build muscle mass fast and naturally

The System here: How to build muscle mass fast. Believe it or not, it’s attainable to urge massive muscles while not hav…

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30 thoughts on “How to build muscle mass fast without supplements | How to build muscle mass fast and naturally”

  1. I’ve been hearing lately about how it’s beneficial to eat the majority of
    your carbs after your workout and in the evening/night in order to give you
    energy for the next day. This goes against what I’ve been told all my life
    (eat carbs in the morning and right after workout/ spread carbs out
    throughout the day). Would cutting out carbs on rest days leave you with no
    energy from carbs the following work days?

  2. anugoju venkatesh

    Have you experienced Stupid Simple Slimming? (Google it) It is a quick and
    easy way to shed fat fast.

  3. Quick question and anyone can answer. So on days I dont lift..I’m still in
    high school so I’ve got gym class every day would you recommend still
    getting in some carbs that morning and then cutting out carbs the rest of
    the day? I have gym around 10:45

  4. barry mclaughlin

    the best diet to follow to get jacked while lowering fat at the same time
    is the t-dawg diet it’s how i eat everyday go google it peeps check it out.

  5. Brandon or Someone please help, so on the 4 days i lift can I eat carbs at
    night as well or none, or just limit them a bit. And on rest days can I
    have fruit? 

  6. i really appreciate ya dude cuz i always knew about the carbs and how they
    store glycogen in ya muscles and what not but you put everything in a
    better perspective for ya boy…thanx

  7. @brandon. When is best to consume carbs for someone like me who exercises
    as soon as I get up at 1am? For now I consume my carbs about 4hrs before
    bed so my body can break it down and store it as energy for when I lift. 

  8. Can you give number examplEs? Like I’m cutting on 100-150carbs for 1 more
    week. How many carbs should I eat when weight lifting and cardio and rest
    days? Do you like double up your carbs on weight training days , 1:1 carbs
    on cardio and 1/2 carb goal on cardio day? So many questions left
    unanswered. On your rest days are you still meeting your calorie goal by
    bumping up either fats or protein or are you not meeting your goal because
    you’re not eating your carb goals?

  9. what do you suggest for someone doing 2-a-days, ex. if im doing my HIIT in
    the morning should i eat more carbs throughout the day so i have energy for
    my weight lifting at night?

  10. This makes soo much sense! I have heard a lot about carb cycling but never
    really gave a crap, until I read a book and this video.. Bradon, is this
    fine to eat high carbs on weight training days, low carbs on non workout
    days with just vegetables and lean proteins and healthy fats?

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