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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “HOW TO BUILD MUSCLE IN 1 DAY”

  1. Have you tried “Atomic Max Muscle?” (look for it on Google) It is a quick
    way for you to bulk up fast.

  2. Pradeep malla

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other people do it so
    easily with “RushMax Muscle” (Google it).


    If you are looking to get ripped, you should definitely make a search on
    Google for “Aston Muscle Ripper”. You are surely going to achieve the body
    you want.

  4. XTheSpartanX7

    bro i make all my meals at home and never eat out and i count my macros.

    I like this idea but for me i cut at 2000 calories and my maintenance is
    around 2500 calories. So when i decide to bulk again after cutting down to
    really lean levels for 2 weeks do i up my calories all the way up to 2700
    calories ? or should i slowly add 200 calories from 2000 calories until i
    start gaining weight again ? I would love it if you replied bro.

  5. The videos you put out Brandon are awesome! You have given me so much
    knowledge that other videos people post just beat around the bush about and
    its fucking annoying but thank you for actually being real about it and
    getting down to the fucking point. I greatly appreciate the time you take
    to make your self look like that and as well as putting videos out to help
    us the people out. I do have one question though like bulking and cutting
    what should bulking consist of and cutting as in bulking 4000 calories a
    day and cutting 2000? That make sense? If anyone else has input thats
    positive please reply thank you!

  6. Jarar Hussain

    Could you make another video with some more jump rope workouts to loss

  7. michael potts

    refreshing take on things man , I gained 4 pounds of lean mass in 12 months
    , bulked for 8 cut for 4 and was heavier at the same bf or best I can tell,
    might give this micro shit a run this year keep things interesting , 

  8. mikestoneadfjgs

    I like how you don’t claim what you are saying is the be all end all of
    health and nutrition. You always say “this is how i did it” or “this is
    what works for me”. Its very mature and distinguishes you from a lot of
    YouTubers whose egos are bigger than their muscles.

    In my experience, im an ectomorph hardgainer, micro cuts and micro bulks
    kept me from reaching my full potential AT FIRST. I was 6’2 and 140 pounds
    and got up to 150 in 6 months using a system like this. It wasn’t until i
    actually committed to a bulk for a year and half that i got up to a fat
    220, then cut down for 6 months to a lean 190. Now i do these micro bulks
    and cuts to keep progressing slowly without getting fat again. I just had
    to get over the initial problem of not being able to put on size. My little
    anecdote, if anyone actually gives a fuck.


  9. hey man what could i eat in school or university??
    often i come home at 4 pm and it is hard to take the good meals with you.
    please help

  10. TheGamerReaper

    Would you recommend a weighted vest? If so, would it be all day or only
    during workout? :)

  11. Is the difference between bulking and cutting just the nutrition? or does
    he make more cardio when he’s cutting and less when he’s bulking?

  12. To people who want to get stronger eventually. Copy And paste Into Google
    Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

  13. reedickyaluss

    Ive ALWAYS wondered why you couldnt just do what he’s talking about…
    makes way more sense, than putting on 40lbs and then cutting 40lbs where
    its impossible not to lose a decent amount of the muscle you just put on
    while bulking.

  14. E.G. Sebastian

    Very helpful – thanks!
    (It’d be great if you’d make a vid on what foods you eat during each period
    and how much of those foods…)

  15. Lookin ripped as hell for 30 my dude 🙂 Keep it up. Stay healthy everyone.
    Screw the fast food and stuff. Got 2 choices, look like frosty the fast
    snowman, or be ripped as heck as this dude right here. :)

  16. adell ellison

    Greatest advice ever b, you are the truth bruh, you and the boy Darness1234
    should colab, both genius

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