How To Build Muscle FAST – Fitness Instructor Tips 1 to 5

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  1. Music Best Chanel

    hello I am 16 years old and I have been training now in 7 months at home
    but i have not gained much muscles I have been doing push ups for chest and
    triceps and lifting weight for biceps and shoulders I only got 10 kg weight
    and I can do like 10 reps is that bad or am I doing wrong because I have
    not gained much muscles. Can you please reply and tell me what to do and
    correct me if I´m doing wrong. thanks alot

  2. Momtaj Khatun

    Excellent video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your
    opinion. Have you heard the talk about – Basario Amazing Body Domination
    (just google it)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy
    finally grew lean chest muscle with it. 

  3. Fitness Tips, Equipment, Supplements and more...

    Being a full time dad can make any job difficult, but staying in shape and
    being a fitness instructor too, whilst looking after kids, its not easy I
    can tell you! Hats off to you Russ 🙂

  4. The vids really help me with learning new stuff!!! I’ve noticed when I
    don’t get a good nights sleep, the next day I struggle with the reps,
    whether it’s chest press, squats or shoulder press. My sleep has become the
    most important thing now. Even weekends I try and avoid going out so I can
    get to sleep early. Oh and I started using Maximuscle’s progain
    size&strength with my diet..coz of the creatine I’ve seen so much
    improvement. Thanks Russ!

  5. Excellent Russ. Your weight loss vids have helped me so much through 2012,
    it’s time to put some hustle behind this muscle and implement these now!

  6. 04:56 is wrong, the correct answer is 540 (20% of 2700) not 510. So
    ultimately, 540/9 = 60 grams of fat. How in the world did you get the same
    result after dividing 510 by 9? lol. Anyway, thanks for the video.

  7. HealthFitWellness

    Good stuff, the only suggestion I would make is to put all the commercials
    at the end instead. Other than that, all very good information. Accurate
    and helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  8. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrize

    Top info. Big thanks from my Missus, too, she loves the t-shirts I picked

  9. TheoMagoreo123

    Great stuff. Honestly man, you make things sound far simpler than the
    trainers at my gym!! Greatly appreciated that you do these videos for
    youtube for people that aren’t in your area.

  10. Every piece of food you eat will have a calorie amount displayed on it. But
    to be honest, to avoid calorie counting, convert your calories into grams
    using the steps shown in this vid, once you have worked out how many grams
    of protein, carbs and fats you require you don’t really focus on calories
    anymore and just hit your daily amount of each. Russ

  11. Grant Collyer

    Some good info there. Keep it up! Check out a few of my owv videos if you
    like 🙂 Thanks.

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