How to Build Muscle Correctly: The Need for Customization In Training

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle Correctly: The Need for Customization In Training”

  1. Omar you said you will post your new routine , we are still waiting you
    seem to forgot about that bro , :(

  2. I can squat over 2x my bodyweight for 1 rep but I still look like I don’t
    even train my legs wtf.

  3. BigWillThePrince

    my very best muscle is my tricep. ive made huge gains since i started
    working out 5 months ago. my biceps and delts are meh. my arms kinda suck
    because of it. they look weird

  4. Inspired by a YOLO I saw, Raskols I have a short important video on
    learning how to customize your training for both your BODY and your GOAL.

    Don’t turn into Bobby Biceps with no triceps, no chest and no future.

  5. Can you expand on this topic by going into detail about the different
    aspects? clavicle, limb length, genetics, etc. And maybe add some visuals.
    Perhaps a video on each part. Thank You

  6. Dulf Nordensvärd

    When I do bench, I get more easily tired in the triceps than the chest.
    Does that mean that doing bench for me is more training the tri’s`? rather
    than chest ? I still feel my chest is being trained but not to the same
    degree as the tri’s

  7. Very few people look to improve their overall physique which is quite sad.
    I look for overall development not just certain obvious body parts.

  8. Toos Training

    hey bro, what if i want to look like a male calvin klein model? can you
    make a video on their routines? i just wanna be toned and tonaged bro YOLO 

  9. JunkDrawerVideos

    this is a great point makes me really question a lot of things I’ve done
    and shed some light on why some of my muscles swell in areas that people
    consider problems and why I don’t get the same results others do in other

  10. Lancelot Moore-Yorke

    i notice my back is my strong point, i cant bench much, and my arms are ok
    i guess. i curl 40s atm, i weigh like 150 and am 5,11

  11. Solomon"supersoul"prince

    F@ck them aesthetics brah, I am team usain bolt and dwight howard all day,
    workout below:

    monday: lateral raises 3 x 60

    tuesdy: lateral raises and 1 arm laterals 3 x 40

    wednesday: lateral raises (with neutral grip) 5 x 25

    thursday: 20 minute handstands for no reason

    friday: machine lateral raises 5 x20

    saturday: machine lateral raises / dumbel lateral rise super set with pinky
    finger sticking up until failure

    sunday: church!!!!

  12. my chest genetics are so sick it really sucks. Cant even bench cause if I
    even look at a bench I am sore for 3 weeks and my chest grows visibly
    larger. Doing heavy pulling compounds all day, thats enough stimulus for my
    pecs even through I really try to squeeze scapulae and extend thoracic
    spine. Really hard to grow triceps that way … Mutant chest genetics suck,
    if only my whole body was like that :(

  13. Hmm my rear deltoid is pretty laggy while my other deltoids aren’t. Good

  14. I’m not black, I dont play on easy mode when it comes to building up lean
    mass with little to no fat.

  15. Big Play Ray09

    @BigJsExtremeFitness LOL! Thanks Big J. Thats just about the whole video
    right??? lol I know you will agree with that its topics like theses and
    several others that are the foundation to fitness and bodybuilding. So many
    people jump into this game and skip right over the basics and set
    themselves up for failure.

  16. If it is like what it sounds like (i.e. using amino acids as a source of
    energy as opposed to carbs) there can be risks associated with that sort of
    diet. Know that ketone bodies don’t convert to glucose, so cell that depend
    heavily on glucose may suffer. Note: brain cells can use ketone bodies but
    not as effectively and red blood cells can ONLY use glucose for energy, so
    have enough carbs for these important cell groups. High ketone body levels
    will also increase blood acidity. Just FYI.

  17. i know this may seem like a stupid question but will or does creatine ,
    whey protein , or horny goat weed cause any harmful sexual side effects

  18. The body only stores enough carbs in the body to function for 1 day. Humans
    deplete their glycogen stores in 24 hours.

  19. @pspman2007 who said u can put on all muscle your crazy , there is always
    some fat involve but its all good as long as u can burn it later which i
    can and i did …

  20. Big Play Ray09

    @JPinkert29 no harmful side effects that i know about or experienced but
    read the label for yourself before you give it a shot

  21. Geoffrey Chiu

    4 Pounds of lean muscle is nearly impossible in 2 weeks i’m sorry. 2-3
    pounds of that is fat.

  22. You said you don’t have to bulk to build muscle than all your reasons were
    to support bulking. Adding in more calories to be at a surplus would be
    considered a bulk. I think you mean do you have to get fat in order to
    build muscle in which the answer would be no.

  23. Thanks, i’ll post a vid of my transformation once i’m done ina few months
    🙂 Think im about 140 now, haven’t stepped on scales ina while. . .

  24. The Liquid Adventure

    Bro, you gotta eat to get bigger, there is no such thing as staying lean
    all year round. Sorry to bust your bubble.

  25. i know right??? fuck not bein blck for muscle gaining purposes. ugh. i dont
    gain 2 lbs of muscle a month. i gain like 3 lbs a year.

  26. ManofManyPasswords

    Well… It depends. I’ll give you an example. I trained for a couple of
    years, built up quite nicely, was doing sets with 12 reps on the bench with
    235. I stopped and didn’t do SHIT for the entire summer. Guess what? Lost
    most of it. But guess what else? I started lifting again 3 days ago and
    already my chest looks bigger, arms, shoulders. But this is in the case of
    muscle memory, for someone who stopped then started back up again.

  27. The Liquid Adventure

    Every body got different goals, but if you want to get big, you need to
    EAT, that’s the truth right there.

  28. ChowMeinChowdown

    Only liver glycogen is typically depleted in 24 hours. Muscle glycogen
    depletion occurs to any appreciable degree only when you work that relevant
    muscle directly.

  29. Gabe Oitoucher

    @JPinkert29 It depends on how much you are using those products, dude.
    Hell, even too much weight lifting will cause your sexual drive to lower
    because you are using up a lot more of your testosterone. I noticed i was
    horny as usual lifting 3 days a week but when i changed to a cycle of 5
    days a week i just wasn’t as horny.

  30. Does anyone know how he hardly gained any fat while in his 3 yr
    transformation? I see everbody else that bulks gets fat at some point but I
    didnt really see it with Ray?… BTW,I wrote the guy but he never gets back
    to you.

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