How To Build Muscle And Get Stronger

How To Build Muscle And Get Stronger CLICK HERE to build some Biologically Superior Muscle! In this video Elliott Hulse talks about how to…
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25 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle And Get Stronger”

  1. To people who want to get ripped some day. Copy And paste into Google
    Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

  2. I bet hes going to failure too much, way to many sets and going way to
    heavy because you should be-able to do fullbodys 2-4x a week no problem
    thats what I use to be doing and I was also going High volume, Eat and
    sleep my friend.

  3. I have a question say if you don’t have a lot of weights like i’m not
    stocked with ever thing in side a gym but i want to get big but mostly i
    want to get real real strong so here my question can you get SUPER STRONG
    just by using your own body weight and the right diet alone? I’m a fighter
    and a park our trainer so it well be a big help if i know som. 

  4. For the pyramid sets, how long should the rests be in between sets? To
    build muscle and get stronger.

  5. @zeusbanini What the video is getting at is: use a heavy weight, compound
    exercise as your very first exercise. Relating to your comment, the
    powerlift you would use prior to a tricep or chest workout would be bench
    press. Hope this helps!

  6. you do not want to do this every day if your doing full body workouts
    because your musscles would never heal and youll never gain strength or
    mass but if you are doing different musscle groups everyday such as like
    biceps and back one day and chest triceps another etc etc then yes you can
    do it agood amout of days during the week recommended 4 and about stunting
    your growth i dont think thats true ive been lifting for a while and ive
    never delt with that issue

  7. Look up your basal metabolic rate, there are many calculators online that
    will do it. You need a calorie surplus to start gaining mass, carbs and

  8. one day man (at least thats what i do, workout would be pretty short
    ootherwise), its intense shit

  9. Yo Elliott, would it be beneficial to do strength trainging once a week and
    HIIT/bodybuilding workouts 3-4 days a week? The reason I ask is because I
    have been doing a pyramid style workout for about 6 months now and have
    noticed that my overall strength has has slightly decreased.

  10. If you desire to build strength, you should look up on google Mega Muscle
    Method. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  11. im already doin this. it was a natural move for me.. i was doin
    bodybuilding..but i wasnt gettin stronger

  12. Psycho physique

    elliot when you do anything any exercsie of powerlifting all your movements
    should be explosives ryt ?

  13. someone please answer, should i do these every day? like power lifting,
    body building, and cardio? please answer because i don’t want to end up in
    snap city or something…thanks

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