How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat WITHOUT Counting Calories (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat WITHOUT Counting Calories (Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. “Yo you’re fucking app is guessing son!” lmfao ahahahaha ohhh shit but but
    I am going to try this shit I’m tryin to get my weight up. I know I look
    big in my picture but I am only at 155 trying to get to 200 or 185 the
    least. And I am 31 years old which to me is pathetic.

  2. I can figure out a training regime to losing weight and building muscle off
    the top of my head, it probs won’t be that effective but at least it’ll
    work. But the biggest confusion to me is the dieting part. I have no clue
    how much and what I should be eating. I’m like super lost when it comes to
    this. I want the most effective and strict diet but I’m afraid I may be
    overdoing myself e.g. eating too many carbs. Fuck I’m lost lol 

  3. im 45… 6’1 174.. just starting to get my meal plan on lock down so i can
    start lifting.. meals mean 80% of what you look like… but i have a bad
    elbow, they had to reattach it 2 years ago, due to a work injury,, plus
    when i was fat i got type 2 diabetes.. i was 292.. in 2011.. now 174 by
    changing what i eat,, 

  4. Ma nigga now that’s what Im talking about just wanna get ripped like you
    thats all not fucking make a fucking hobby my whole life trying to compete!
    I just wanna be sexy and get bitches yo lol

  5. A quick tip.. maybe if you dnt use all this swearing vomiting words it d
    make you look much smarter. Safe!

  6. well said…this is probably the realest shit you can do…this is also a
    great way to absorb most of the protein you consume. been tryin this one

  7. If yous a regular mothafuka lol, very knowledgeable with a sense of humor u
    got another subscriber thanks bruh! 

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