How To Build Lean Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys – 3 Important Rules For Quick Muscle Gains

How To Build Lean Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys - 3 Important Rules For Quick Muscle Gains -▻ Discover How To Gain Weight Fast! In this video I’ll explain how to build lean muscle fast — especially if you’…

25 thoughts on “How To Build Lean Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys – 3 Important Rules For Quick Muscle Gains”

  1. I worked out for years every other day doing my whole body every other day
    which was to much. it wasn’t til I met a really big dude and he said work 1
    muscle group a week and eat lots of protein that I started to grow really
    fast. so fast I got stretch marks. that’s when I learned to drink lots of
    water to lol now you know why they say chest day and arm day and leg day
    cause its the 1 day out of the week they work that muscle. and work it
    hard. rip it, rest it. feed it.

  2. hei, can i train 3 days in a row or is it too much?
    i train my chest and back on monday,my legs on tuesday, my arms on
    wednesday and my chest and back on friday. i am skinny and its hard for me
    to gain weight….. 

  3. Im 6″ 2 my upper body is alright not the best but ok. But my legs are
    skinny as hell

  4. wait 60 mins long yes how many times do you do these 60 mins exersizes just
    once every 2 days|?

  5. Mark Williams

    I like the metrics with the numbers for this. I’d say your number is close.
    My formula always was: I am either in bulking or I am in shaving faze.
    Bulking, I’d eat more complex carbs. Shaving I’d eat almost none and stick
    to real foods like meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. But you
    gotta add the weight first that’s the key to look term sustainable muscle
    building. Well done Jeff.


  7. Remember to eat healthy foods. Even though your a skinny guy doesn’t mean
    you can eat anything

  8. Connor Bogdan

    people say u need fat to turn to muscle thats nto true because thiers a
    difference as long as u eat enough calories through out the day proteins
    and carbs 🙂

  9. Does it matter if I’m 15 only? I mean i’m growing constantly so is it even
    possible to get that much more weight?

  10. thelister4910

    That’s pretty awesome progress. What routine did you use it sounds a lot
    like Starting Strength,

  11. thelister4910

    That’s good advice. To clarify then, you eat 6400 calories a day? What kind
    of exercise do you get per day?/

  12. Weight Gain Network

    @Michael Aharon – No, this is how to build lean muscle. You need to eat
    enough calories for your muscles to grow. The key is finding the right
    amount of calories for your body where you’re gaining muscle without
    gaining too much fat.

  13. NinjaWalrusFTW

    So basically us skinny guys can eat what ever we want but eat 6 meals a
    day? Do these 6 meals have to be full sized or can we just like have 3
    proper meals and have 3 smallish bulk meals..?

  14. That’s what he’s saying. You can easily put on 10 pounds of fat, water and
    garbage in 10 days, great job, What you can’t do is put on 10 pounds of
    muscle in 10 days, which is what people really care about. Have you noticed
    that there are so many vids of adding muscle but no videos bragging how to
    add 50 pounds of fat to your body?

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