How to Build a Rocket Stove Mass Water Heater, with Geoff Lawton

How to Build a Rocket Stove Mass Water Heater, with Geoff Lawton

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  1. Guys/Gals – once again, if you want answers to your questions, then please
    comment on the post this video is embedded in (see link in ‘About’ section
    below the video above). The people with the answers you want won’t see your
    comments here….

  2. Seems to me that the internal copper tube is not needed. You could just use
    the mass water for your main water. For that matter you could just burry
    the copper pipe wrapped around the stove pipe like other mass heater videos
    do. If you had no power you could have a fill barrel up high and a hot
    water reservoir buried or insulated with cobb down low. If your shower is
    lower then the fill reservoir then you would have water pressure. If not
    you could always use a hand pump and pump it to another drum for temporary
    storage for immediate use. If you insulated everything you may not even
    need to rush. 

  3. isn’t it bad to use pine cones because of the soot it puts in the “chimney”
    or does it get trapped by the water…but then could it clog up the lower

  4. I apologize. The last sentence should read as the following, “If something
    was to go wrong with the cold water during a shower then you’re looking at
    severe burns”.

  5. Is there any reason why a copper water cylinder couldn’t be used for this
    purpose. Stainless steel cylinders are rarely used in the UK but can be
    picked up as scrap for between £20 and £50. An indirect cylinder would
    already have a coil of copper inside.

  6. Hi all. As the builder and designer of the hot water system in the vid and
    a few more since i will try to answer your questions. So firstly
    cattlewrangler if you dont add water it wont go boom in fact the way it is
    designed the laws of thermodynamics would have to be suspended for it to go
    boom. For a little more info check out my original article . Emerson in
    fact its like buying a race horse to do the work of a draught horse. Many
    years ago we were building these for remote area camps (they were called
    donkeys) but without the heat transfer coil. They would typically get hot
    much quicker because they usually had a huge fire under them. Adding the
    rocket means the water heats slower than the old donkeys but uses vastly
    less wood. The rocket gets high efficiency because the combustion is
    compleated prior to drawing off any heat this is the fundamental difference
    between rocket stoves and conventional wood combustion technology.
    Absolutley there is some back drafting because a flue was never installed
    on the heater to finish it. Adding a short length of flue would correct
    this however typically the heater draws well enough. Recent testing i have
    done with cooking ovens in New Zealand suggests that putting baffling
    around the barrel to make the hot gasses follow a more convoluted path will
    greatly increase efficiency as i am now getting temps above 500 deg c in
    these oven post baffling and 300 deg c prior to baffling. Doireallyneed1
    weight for weight water has over 5 time the heat storage capacity of cob
    and is a far better conductor. Also because it boils at 100c the water in
    the outer tank will vent harnlessly to atmosphere, but because the water in
    the coil sits at a higher pressure (its coming from a pressurised source)
    it has a slightly higher boiling point (basic physics) so it can never
    boil. Putting the coil in cob and heating the cob is inneficient but when
    it gets above 100c the cob will just keep getting hotter and eventually the
    water in the coil will rise to its boiling point and then it will go boom.
    I used bricks for the feed and burn tunnel insulated with a clay sawdust
    mix which is reasonably insulating when the sawdust burns out leaving
    voids. The heat riser is steel insulated with a perlte jacket. Steel doesnt
    hold up well on the intake side of rocket stoves(rapid oxidisation) due to
    the extreme heat and some unburned oxygen however it seems to last better
    in the heat risers because by this time all oxygen is consumed and so far
    less oxidation(rusting) occurs. Hope this clarifies things a little but
    check the article link above for more info.
    Cheers Tim

  7. Why would you want a hot water heater? What about a cold water heater? Or
    maybe a hot water cooler?

  8. One question why is it people keep calling these hot water heaters.
    For if the water is hot you need not heat it,so there for it is a water
    heater !

  9. PD is good, but it’s not the strongest, I mean it can be crowd control if
    you aim it at the ground but…

  10. Good to know you like this character. He is one of my fav vanguards but
    poor fellow gets so much hate on BSN..

  11. Definitely. Let me know if you want to be involved in more vids. The next
    are Team Platinum games.

  12. From my experiences if you have less than 1000N force its possible. If the
    Phantom has already melee’d they can even instant kill you out of the
    charge if it isn’t strong enough to stagger them. Hope that helps.

  13. Sorry, but the slash breaks the flow of this character. Not to mention it’s
    only decent usage is behind walls cause you get no damage reduction during
    the long animation. I used to use the slash but just became a bit too
    boring and PD is a great power.

  14. Neightrix Prime

    While the Talon is a good choice and certainly more interesting than the
    Acolyte, the Acolyte lets you charge and fire between PD shots and reliably
    set up combos. And while running BS over health is probably ‘better’ if
    you’re not running shield boosters, the extra health/shields lets you play
    bolder, which is hella fun! Slayer has been my favey since I unlocked him.
    He really only lacks boss killing power, and that’s only compared to boss
    killing classes. He’s basically invincible to minions!

  15. Phase Disruptor Slayer, my god, my most favorite Vanguard. Second place is
    the Pheonix. Honestly, this character needs more attention 😀

  16. Ahh, I see you got one of those hydra pipe glitchers, did you report them?
    Do you know if it still does any good to report cheaters?

  17. idea for a challenge I1,which turret is best for kills,we all know you pros
    like the geth one for sheild restore,but i had a turian sab one set up for
    rockets the other day and i got 50 kills with it on a bronze match,so i
    wondered what would happen if you got 4 of the same dropped in the same
    place would it be the same as having a 5th man.As youve got the connections
    maybe you could arrange a team to play with each of the turret users and
    find out whos turret is best.Thanks

  18. Hey I love all of your vids and I was wondering if u wanted to do gold with
    me add me revertantsix16

  19. I haven’t used Biotic Slash a single time to this day… I just love the
    Face Meltor too much 😀

  20. Can phantoms preempt your biotic charge like the guardians and melee you as
    soon as you contact them?

  21. Essentially the power cord for the 360. It went kaput on me a couple weeks
    ago and I have to wait for a replacement. I just call it a brick cause
    there’s a rectangular brick in the middle of the cord.

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