How To Build A Rocket Mass Heater eBook

Video of construction of a rocket mass heater for our earthship. Visit our website at for more information. Checkout our how-to man…

16 thoughts on “How To Build A Rocket Mass Heater eBook”

  1. Aboosh Natah Ashoel

    HOLY CRAP! torture music?
    do you play that music while you waterboard people? I think most people
    would start talking during the first 90 seconds of this music

  2. Aboosh Natah Ashoel

    I never saw the video. I was emotionally and physiologically paralyzed by
    the music
    each piano key strike opens nerve endings especially the out of key piano

    makes a person more susceptible to further torture with fingernail
    pulling, waterboarding and listening to Kim Kardashian talk about fashion

  3. We clean out the burn chamber every one or two weeks (it will vary on how
    much the stove is used). Otherwise, we clean the flue at the beginning of
    every heating season.

  4. We exhausted the stove through the ceiling for a couple of reasons. The
    main reason was simply to build something that conformed generally to our
    local building codes … we are building under a permit and wanted a design
    that fit within the basic requirements of the code. Another reason was that
    I did not plan far enough in advance for this stove … we faced
    constraints based on what we had already built.

  5. I would love to see a video about your house. I wanted to see what the
    place looks like with the tire foundation. Very cool.

  6. About a third way through the video I killed the noise. Sorry not a good
    choice by my ears… 🙁 Back on point your utilizing the earth with great
    purpose is well done! thanks for sharing…

  7. and why not buy her book? do you know how to build a successful rocket
    stove? if so then great!! if not then how are you planning on learning?
    these people are good friends and they are trying to make a little bit of
    extra cash to further their build…. they after all have done the work to
    prove their method works…..

  8. That’s a great looking Rocket Stove, I am reading the ebook now. You’ve
    done an excellent job putting together the Manual. It’s great the you have
    been documenting your building experience so clearly. Thank You.

  9. Yeah…I’m kind of a music snob myself. this is torture. Was it your 9
    year old’s first piano recital?

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