How To Bench Press More Weight With Proper Technique

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Frank Rothwell's Olympic Weightlifting History Andrei Chermerkin 1995 World Champion.wmv

1995 world weightlifting championships super-heavy winner.
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36 thoughts on “How To Bench Press More Weight With Proper Technique”

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    suggestions for future videos that you’d like to see, please let me know

  2. I would like a video how to build big muscle biceps, with much details.
    Like how many set/reps, different excercises and what part of the biceps it


  3. Bullcrap video. Any doctor will tell you that putting the bar on your chest
    is harmfull for your shoulders; it’s an abnormal position for them. I know
    first hand when I had front shoulder injuries. Stop killing people you!

  4. 4:15 you are rounding your back waaaaay too much, you are basically
    cheating by lifting your body so high up off the bench that your travel
    time is significantly reduced per rep. Your elbows are barely at 90 degrees
    when you touch chest dude, mine are at a solid 135 degree when I touch,
    almost completely “Curled”. 

  5. Oh yeah now I see why he puts it on the chest, thats coz he bends like a
    bow upwards. And the belly just too high for the shoulders to go down more
    than 90 degrees. But for a skinny guy with no cat bending position its a
    shoulder killer

  6. GREAAAAT VIDEO LEE, ive been saying how important is to protect the
    shoulders while benching on my gym, peoples just dont listen

  7. That first “improper bench press technique” is also improper deadlift
    technique, because it’s not either of those exercises. It’s a guillotine

  8. Nikolaj Nielsen

    When I do that and I do, I sometimes get one side of my back cramping!!
    What am I doing wrong?

  9. Great set of vids Lee…I found out the `hard way` that my technique was
    waaay off….arms flared, bar up around the adams apple…Ouch…!!

  10. RonaldPaulsons son

    lees a pussy lol no one even does this mr haygayward lol jk bro not rly jk
    tho im high on cocaine help

  11. Nice video. I’m still trying to perfect my setup for this style of
    benching. I couldn’t help but notice that with the arch, about 90% of the
    pressing work is done through my triceps. How can I incorporate more chest
    into my bench? 

  12. good video !!! Can u teach me how to arch my back if im doing dumbell bench
    press? i did a video n need some advice

  13. This exercise destroyed my shoulders long ago. I’m 23 now and still haven’t
    recovered. My doctor is a douche and doesn’t give a fuck about my well
    being, or maybe he does, but has so many patients and has been in practice
    for so long that he’s gone a little numb. I don’t even get a proper
    diagnosis, no MRI to at least see what’s going on. My shoulder is
    degenerating and my self confidence along with it. Being poor sucks real
    ass sometimes. 

  14. somewhat of a rarity: Chemerkin doesn’t win an individual gold in either
    lift but wins the gold overall. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Chemerkin was always stronger.He took a 600 pound clean and almost made
    it.If could have snatched rezza wouild have never won gold.

  16. interesting to note randall strossen reports that chemerkin never did pulls
    with more than 240kg for his clean and jerk so he clearly lifted well
    within himself during training.far cry from bulgarian style of training.

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