How To: Bench Dip

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25 thoughts on “How To: Bench Dip”

  1. Since you are being sponsored by bsn now, can you do a review for the
    products? Like.. n.o xplode, cellmass, synta-6, the mass stack, tastes etc.
    And also note the bad things about it, not only tell about how awsome it

  2. Hey Scott, I have seen people do bench dips with two benches having the
    legs resting on another bench . which is better?

  3. dude..your arms are ridiculously seriously put on some pounds of
    muscle this past months! Keep the videos coming!

  4. scott ! do u take any supplements if so wat do u take ?? love the vids best
    fitness channel on youtube ! 🙂

  5. @devilondatube power lifting is like low reps 1-3 with extreme amounts of
    weights which can strain ur body if you are still growing. im 17 almost 18
    ive tried a few different types of workouts i find either 5 sets of 5 reps
    is good or the 5/3/1 workout is awesome pm me if you want more info. ps im
    just trying to help so dont take anything the wrong way this is just my
    point of view

  6. Use your logic, if you have experience doing bench dips using a second
    bench is better, why? well try it out, see you can’t use your legs as much
    as before to hold on yourself, now you depend more on your tricep. Also if
    you put a weight on your legs it works even better.

  7. gregthesplintercell

    @ScottHermanFitness What are some ways that i can make the tricep dip more
    challenging ? because I would imagine that after you get stronger these
    wont do anything for you unless you make them more challenging or add
    weights ?

  8. Scott, i watch your videos weekly from Asia and really enjoy the new ways
    of exercising! Keep up the great coaching! thanks!

  9. is there such thing as workout that will stuck my growth plz help iam 17
    and i want to get taller but i want workout hard plz help

  10. @ScottHermanFitness Scott, I have been nputting about 2 plates on my legs
    and using another bench to support my feet to add extra weight. I saw some
    guys in my gym do it. However, some other people told me this is unhealthy.
    Your thoughts?

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