How To: Barbell Upright Row

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25 thoughts on “How To: Barbell Upright Row”

  1. Handsome Squidward

    Scott I was always taught to use a wider grip and only go up to about the
    nipple line. Too close a grip with a super high row can hurt your
    shoulders. I’ve had amazing results on my traps from the wide grip. Just a
    thought :)

  2. just question scott

    do you think steroid is good for health , for gym
    all i heard steroid is for pussy

  3. ScottHermanFitness

    I have been hitting my traps twice a week to improve them. This exercise
    has been a staple on at least one of the days. #HTH #SHFAthlete

  4. Юрик Габиджитурян

    Why don’t we use a wide grip?! Then more burden on shoulders

  5. TheCastellozHero

    Scott, should I focus alot on this excersise for building strenght? I tend
    to start my shoulder workout with shoulder press.

  6. Hmm..dunno man. Personally I avoid this movement, waaay too taxing on the
    shoulder complex, and impingement is almost inevitable if one persists with
    this especially with heavier weights. 

  7. askchrishetrades

    Good physique, but small shrimp. I rather watch big bodybuilders that lift
    heavy and look to gain mass. Just my opinion lol 

  8. TheOpportuneNoodle

    if you have any shoulder issues or pains, this exercise is probably not for
    you. if this exercise hurts your shoulders, i would try a super wide grip
    to target rear delts or try using dumbbells insteads

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