How to Add Muscle Mass (15 SECONDS AT A TIME!!)

Use the same workouts pro athletes use to build muscle! In order to add muscle mass you have to get stronger,…

25 thoughts on “How to Add Muscle Mass (15 SECONDS AT A TIME!!)”

  1. +ATHLEAN-X™ Is there any way to heal tight tendons? At the bend of my arm
    it gets super tight and it completely takes away the tension from my
    biceps. Its at the bend of my arm and the low part of the bicep before
    reaching forearms. So do I stretch it or rest it? or both?

  2. well, i’m not so sure about all this strength=mass thing… if this was
    true, then all the powerlifters would be better looking than
    bodybuilders… some of them have girly arms, while they are able to lift
    heavy as shit with those girly arms. 

  3. ThomasTheStallion

    Jeff, we know that one of the actions of the biceps is to supinate the
    forearm. Do the triceps act to pronate the forearm? 

  4. I was actually just thinking of doing this. I think this would be better
    than conventional lifting.

  5. Helpful video as always, I’m defiantly going to try this on my arm day

  6. Doesn’t that weight while you’re holding it during rest stretch your
    muscle? Which is what you don’t wanna do during a workout right?

  7. Jeff can you make a workout plan for the gym please incorporating barbells
    and I would definitively order it.

  8. genius! surprised Ive never heard of this. so common sense and yet
    logically, should increase strength and muscle building above and beyond
    with ease as far as techniques go

  9. Not to hate on Jeff because the guy is massively ripped but he seems really
    unfit for some reason. He’s always out of breath in his videos after doing
    a short set. No cardio training?

  10. Hey Jeff where can I buy those dumbbells that you were using in this video.
    And what brand are they 

  11. David Troung Vuong

    If you guys are happy with the channel, grab the Athlean X Program. And
    also the supplement bundle. It’s everything you need

  12. I started doing this program called 6×6 you’d do 6 sets of 6 repitions. But
    a 15 second interval between sets. I’ve gained a lot more mass buy using
    this program, as well as strength

  13. How do you keep your back straight while curling. i find a tendency to
    slouch, and it puts a lot of strain on my spine. But I still get minor back
    pain, only while performing the motion, even if I keep my core flexed and a
    healthy arch to my back.

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