How Pro Strongmen Build Mass

Video – How skinny guys can build muscle fast: Hey man, It’s Mike with sixpackshortcuts, and today my buddies Robert, Eric, …

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50 thoughts on “How Pro Strongmen Build Mass”


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  7. Funny how these big guys mention meat and pizza when it comes to their
    ‘diet’, while the world record in their strong man sport is set by a German
    vegan called Patrik Baboumian. Just sayin’.

  8. im sorry but that intro was just so freakin lame, sure you have gaind some
    results but if you look at chris jones for example, he is living large :p

  9. 10:15 look at the difference on this bloke arms. His right is much much
    bigger than his left. Too much fapping? I wouldn’t take any advice from
    this guy. This moron doesn’t even train both arms equally. 

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  11. you are all fucking retards whoever saying hes skinny, size doesn’t have to
    do anything with experience.Hes here to teach you, not compare with you.Pls
    dont go full retard .

  12. I was watching this knowing i was going to school in 4 hours, and he says
    7-9 hours sleep and now im sitting here like, fuck.

  13. Virgil Mcdonald

    He could be so much bigger if he would get off the protein bandwagon. It
    took 8 yrs. he should be 250 lbs by now. 

  14. Former Ms Utah Heavy Wt. Bdyblding Grand Champion/best poser here. Awesome
    videos…Love the words instead of counting idea and Kill Mode concept! You
    guys Rock! My Respects…Will Share!

  15. Why is everyone hating. He is nice enough to give tips and tricks to help
    out for free. He’s the only one I know who constantly gives great advice
    without charging. I have been a long time follower of him and have gotten
    great results. Keep it up vice. Thanks for the great advice!! 

  16. There is a lot of broscience in this video, but there is also some good
    advice on form and control. Good upload overall.

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    That might help you get the body you deserve.

  18. You can see right away what a douchebag this guy is.
    I’m subscribed to many fitness and bodybuilding blogs on youtube but I am
    never watching one more video by this guy. 

  19. This guy is the very definition of BROSCIENCE. His legs look like noodles
    and has he has no back. He also has high bodyfat. I am surprised anyone is
    using his training tips considering he claims to be the finished product of

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