How Much Protein Do I Need in Grams Per Day to Build Muscle

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49 thoughts on “How Much Protein Do I Need in Grams Per Day to Build Muscle”


    +Shae Costello We are thinking about starting one up again. Thank you for
    the feedback.


    +Ryse . Hunter How much protein you need from a powder is also dependent
    upon how much protein you are also getting from other sources to hit your
    goals. For instance if you are shooting for 175g of protein per day and get
    125g from other sources you’d want 50g from your powder. Hope this helps.


    +Gregori Mercedes Depends if you are in a caloric surplus or deficit. 1g/lb
    bodyweight is a good median number to work with. Hope this helps.

  4. Faceless Misery

    i eat like 2 protein bars a day and each one hold 20 grams of protein, i
    usually try to hit the 100 grams total mark i could just eat 5 of the bars
    but i would run out to quickly so every morning especially on my rest days
    i like to get 40 grams of protein in my system early in the day but i don’t
    know if i should go higher on my daily total since my weight is 195 to 200.

  5. I often hear that the body can only burn or ” accept ” about 30 to 40 grams
    of protein per serving, and the rest is stored as fat , so the idea would
    be to space your protein ingestion a couple hours apart throughout the day
    . What is your guys opinion ? I know brands like Quick Mass say to take up
    to 4- 6 scoops at a time, which is 60 grams of protein. Thanks !

  6. John Lindekrantz

    This may sound dumb, but I can’t help but wondering… Let’s say that I
    consume 180 grams of protein but only needed around 150 that day, what
    happends to the rest? I know it can be used as energy or be disposed of if
    not needed, but what is the priority? If my shake contains 75 grams,
    obviously everything will not be used immediately, but will the body
    recognize the excess and urinate or store as something else? And can that
    “something else” be used in protein synthesis later on?

    Greetings from Sweden

  7. I am 70 kg and I am told I will only need from 154-231 grams of protein per
    day, is this right?

  8. Have you guys done a video on highly branched structured dextrin and all
    these higher forms of carbs that are popping up? Like in Carbion, new M5,
    and Plazma. 

  9. Dezmond Perkins

    If you are trying to lose weight do you still recommend going 1gram of
    protein per body weight?

  10. I have a few questions and I would appreciate it if you answer them:
    1. On Isoflex nutritious tag, it is written that the %daily value is 54%
    per 1 scoop. Therefore, we should not exceed more than 2 scoop per day, is
    that right?
    2. Does a normal person who want to gain muscle and do exercise 2 hours 5
    days a week, need to take 1.6g protein /kg body weight (I weigh 80 kg and
    do not have so much body fat)?
    3. What is the upper limit isoflex dosage for me (is it 2 scoops per day
    according to question 1)?
    4. If I am suppose to take 3 scoops, as you recommended when in a day
    should I take them?
    5. May I mix the powder with milk?

    Thank you

  11. How much protein can the body absorb in a single sitting?

    If there is such “limit”, I would like to know. Protein shakes usually
    come with 25g per serving. Is there scientific reasoning behind the
    particular number?
    I’m sure it’s futile to eat several steaks in one sitting, or pound a
    protein shake with several scoops yet not consume much protein for the rest
    of the day.
    Please share your knowledge. Thank you in advance!


    @Awsum Cheesehad It will take more two weeks to work up to it. To also help
    w/ the concentric portion of it you use a pullup assist or jumping
    pull-ups. Now of course you do want your diet set up to facilitate recovery
    and growth. Hope this helps.

  13. I have a tub of ON GS Whey. I plan to buy creapure to stack up with Whey.
    I read through many articles that one must consume both whey and casein as
    whey gets absorbed quickly and casein is slow with absorption which inturns
    helps to prevent protein breakage. But I am not sure what other product
    should I include in my diet. I was considering ON Casein or MuscleTech
    Phase 8.
    Please suggest
    I am 6′ in height with 66kg body weight. Athletic and physically active.

  14. hi guys…Just want to ask..I was 72kg before and want to lose weight so I
    did…now my weight is around 63 to 64 kg..I go to the gym and currently
    taking “ON whey protein isolate”..I want to gain more muscle and become
    big..should I switch to “ON Serious Mass”? will that help me? or should I
    stick to Isolate Whey Protein that I am taking?

  15. The protein industry was always trying to make us believe that we need 2
    grams of protein per 1 kg body weight in order to sell more protein but
    that is false , If you workout and want to build muscles you only need
    70-120 grams of protein per day and you have to know that your body
    reproduces 150-200 grams of protein when needed so there is your 200-300
    grams of protein just don’t over do it and try to take your protein from
    different sources like food milk etc .

  16. I’m 73kg and i eat lots of carbs daily, i want to reach 85kg. How many
    grams of protein do i need daily? i’m thinking about 80g-100g is that
    correct? I do bodyweight training, 2h/6 days a week .

  17. Samantha Pushpakumara

    Discover the weight losing machine that lies hidden in your body. Go and
    google Skinnimaker System to activate it.

  18. Heavy weight makes you stronger. That’s way more important that “tone” or

  19. Instead of adding more weight each workout, can’t you also slow down tempo
    while using the same weight in order to progressively overload?

  20. I think the name of the video is deceptive. I assumed when I saw this
    video, it was going to be about how the higher reps (8 plus) are betterBut
    I do agree with him. I went to this crossfit gym that does sets of max
    lifts for their strength training and I never felt as though I benefited
    from that portion of the workout. I benefit more if I go up to 5 reps or

  21. Jimmy, I’m a thin-boned 50 year old guy with Osteopenia, she the beginnings
    of Sarcopenia. My understanding is that I should really be focused on
    Myofibrilllar Hypertrophy using heavy weights to combat the Sarcopenia, and
    also to try to build my bones back up. Is this correct? I started doing the
    Stronglifts 5×5…so will the heavy weight at 5 reps build my bones and

  22. Provocative title, but I agree. 8 or below reps is for people who are
    already more advanced in a given exercise. If you are new to intermediate
    go with about 10+ reps. If you go too heavy It can interfere with
    mind-muscle connection and learning the proper technique. The same with
    anything else, like learning to play tennis for example.

  23. chelsea mcfarlane

    Thanks Jimmy some good info. And I liked the motivation at the end, think
    im going to head to the gym now!

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  25. Exactly ill see guys at the gym on the butterfly machine doing 200-300
    pounds and they can only do it like 5-10 max ill go do 100-150 and ill do
    100 of that I tend to do things till I can’t do it any more then ill come
    back and do it again later

  26. Tilion Lieberman

    Is doing squats with two 20 pound dumbbells bad if your 14 teen I just
    manly only use 20 s cause I just work out at home but I wand to know what
    exercise I should not do so that I don’t stunt my growth. I know people say
    that doing shoulder press is bad but what if its only 40 pounds thanks

  27. Thanks for the advice bro. It’s completely logical and I’ll definitely be
    changing my work out.

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