How Much Protein Do I Need In Grams Per Day To Build Muscle

How many grams of protein per day? How much protein do I need in grams per day to build muscle for…
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35 thoughts on “How Much Protein Do I Need In Grams Per Day To Build Muscle”

  1. In two month from now on, you certainly can gain 10 lbs in muscle & get rid
    of 5 To 10 pounds in body fat. You just need a proven workout plan, right
    nutrition plan & start now.

  2. 1 gram per lb of body weight should be ok, But in my opinion, to get a more
    accurate answer you should factor how many lbs of fat you have also. I
    think it should be 1 gram per pound of lean body weight since the protein
    isn’t going to do anything for your body fat. Lean body weight=bodyweight –
    (bodyweight x bf% /100)

  3. FlashGameReviews

    In response to: “you’ll loose fat better with real food than shakes”, there
    are times when it has some merit. 6 ounces of beef jerky is 300 calories
    and has 48 grams of protein. It fills you up like a real meal. Not only can
    a shake not compete, it won’t fill you up as much (6 ounces of beef jerky
    takes like 5-15 minutes to eat, vs 20 seconds for a shake)

  4. its no use eating the amount that your body is not capable of
    handling,studies show that a human body can utilize 0.91gm of protein per
    lbs of bodyweight,now 1gm-1.5gm. per lb is fine if you eat some of that
    protein before going to bed,it goes any more than 1.5gm,your body wont be
    able to handle it,it wont be used.

  5. 1 gram /lbs is just enough to build muscle. any extra will be either used
    or wasted. it’s better to take just a little bit more than 1g/lbs. As for
    me weighing in at 215lbs, I usually take in about 215 – 245g, sometimes
    higher on rare cases.

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  7. leanmscllatin155

    Where are is the citations for all this “research” you’re pulling this…
    stuff from? How reliable is this info anyway????

  8. wtf thats too much u would be spending so much money on food if u eat like
    that and plus ur body cant even handle it im sure this guy probably dont
    even eat that much

  9. If you want to bulk up, you should look up on Google “Ripped Max Stagger”.
    That might help you get the body you deserve.

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  11. Watch a video called “The protein myth” by RunningRaw. Is this true or not?
    Seems logical to an extent but theres so much contradiction and controversy
    on the subject, i dont know what to believe. I just try stick to a varied
    and “healthy” diet consisting of fresh whole foods. A good mix of carbs
    protein and fats. Plenty of fruit and veggies too.

  12. Gabe trismegistus

    it is unhealthy to eat so much protein ESPECIALLY from meat,meat is toxic
    and makes your body acidic,its the hardest to break down cuz your body has
    to break it back down to aminos then redistribute the needed ones,there is
    better protein in fruit and veggies in its amino acid form so the stomach
    wont have to do the extra work,these ppl say 1gram per pound of bodyweight
    a day its unnatural too much strain on the liver thats why old bodybuilders
    have f’d up livers.I went vegan lost no muscle

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  14. 0,5 or 0,7 is really not enough, when i took 1,4 (insted of 1,8 like usual)
    because of some stupid site where they were telling me something similar i
    had absolute no gains(i did it for month and half, what a waste of my

  15. here my question! If a high amt of protein is needed to build muscle, if 6
    plus meals a day are needed to build muscle. THEN someone please tell me
    how do guys in prison get so damn jacked on 3 meals a day??? i cant imagine
    they are taking in more than 120 to 150g of pro. If your natural muscle
    growth is slow! maybe 3 to 6 pounds a year if your lucky. i think most
    natural BB are over doing it with the protein and alot of that is actually
    getting fat more than putting on muscle. 120-200 tops

  16. I don’t know if I could build muscle with 1.5g of protein per day… I know
    you meant /lb of bw..Trolol nice vid, bro.

  17. “Bro, I would start slammin’ 9 or 10 protein shakes a day if I were you! Be
    sure and mix each with 2 to 3 grams of creatine, and extra BCAA’s before,
    during, and after each workout!… cash or credit?”, said a salesman @

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