How Many Reps To Build Muscle?

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Overweight – Can You Build Muscle and Lose Fat? – BBOD#6 So you’re overweight and wondering if you can lose fat while building muscle? Here are some tips to …
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36 thoughts on “How Many Reps To Build Muscle?”

  1. I have been working out for just over 3 years now but ive noticed for the
    last 4 or 5 months that i have increased the weight on exercises like
    incline dumbbell press flat bench flys dumbbell curls and dumbbell
    skullcrushers im still doing the same reps and sets and even though ive
    increased the weight by quite a bit i cant seem ti gain more muscle do i
    just need to do more reps or change my workout?

  2. hey sean good video. whats your take on fasted trainig in the early am??
    and then not breaking your fast till lunch? so a few hours after lifting..
    trying to gain lean muscle mass.. not a sloppy fat bulk. want to stay lean
    and get bigger tho!

  3. Hey Sean what you think about the 4 to 6 rep range? do you Think can be
    usefull for muscle gronw?

  4. Hey Sean, I just have one question about number of reps. Lets say I’m doing
    bench press. It’s week 1 and I’m lifting 80kg. First set i manage 7 reps,
    then second set I manage 5 reps. Great. The following week I increase the
    weight to 85kg. First set I manage 5 reps. Now I know that I’ll only manage
    about 3 or 4 reps if I stay with 85kg for my second set. My question is
    should return to 80kg for the second set since i know I won’t achieve 5 or
    more reps, or just stay with 85kg?

  5. I mean, if you’re building all this dry muscle, and you can gain say,
    another half inch on your arms with more muscle-pump from higher reps (say,
    10-20) by adding a couple of sets to some exercises, I don’t see why not.

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  8. As you read more and get more experience and think more for yourself, you
    discover a lot of what’s been said is a bunch of BS with no proof. This
    counts in general, in all of life.

  9. Hey Sean, I understand that that a 5-7 repetition range is the most optimal
    but my understanding of the Weider system of bodybuilding tells me that I
    should go heavier. Would you recommend going heavier once you hit 7 for a
    certain weight, say 75 on dumb bell incline bench press, to 80 even though
    you can only do 3 repetitions? What exactly would be the best time to
    switch to a heavier weight?

  10. Sean I just read your new ebook.I notice in there and in your new videos
    you say many things or change things quite a bit. The 2-3 protein intake
    “myth”, 3 grams a day of creatine instead of 5, eat within 30 min after a
    hard workout etc. You call all of these myths now yet you wrote about all
    of them in your last book and even say ;

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  12. continued…While this idea seems to make sense in theory (heck, 5 years
    ago I would have recommended this exact approach) the latest research into
    the matter has essentially confirmed that meal frequency is largely a
    non-issue. Eating every 2-3 hours does not appear to enhance protein
    synthesis, prevent muscle breakdown, increase resting metabolic rate or
    improve digestion/absorption.(Page 105 of your new book). While I
    understand research is always advancing, I am unsure of what to believe.

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  14. Does this go for Calisthenic too? I was really wondering how to increase
    strength without gaining size like the Seals do and I’m going to somehow
    try do 5-7.

  15. Once you hit 7 then up the weight by 5 pounds for your next workout and you
    should still be able to get 5 with the heavier weight.

  16. It all depends on your style of training. If you’re training high intensity
    to failure then 5-7 sets for large muscle groups and 2-4 for smaller ones
    will work well.

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  18. Thanks a lot Sean! Very hard subject to tackle, lots of biased people
    putting in their point of views/opinions. I’ve gained a significant amount
    of lean in the past 8 months sticking with your info, the majority of
    results came from straight nutrition. Keep up the great work and I’m just
    another weirdo looking forward for your videos!

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  20. BeardedBeastofDuloc

    That depends on body composition, goals and experience. If you weigh 140
    and don’t have experience with building muscle, I wouldn’t cut. If you are
    over 20-25% body fat, then I would probably drop in over a 7-8 week period
    and move on with muscle building.

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  23. another question , if a person has a little bit of extra weight not much
    maybe 14 pounds or so , would it be better to lose that weight ot working
    out to build muscle then once your build up with muscles then lose weight

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